Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (2023)

By Hannah Saab

There’s no shortage of gruesome and jarring deaths in Netflix’s Ozark, but which of them have been the most heartbreaking for fans?

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (1)

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix series Ozark.

There have been a lot of jarring deaths in Netflix’s Ozark, as the crime-filled drama series does not shy away from abruptly ending its characters’ compelling story arcs. Some deaths are more heartbreaking than others, with the worst ones often resulting in tear-jerking moments that will stay with fans long after they’re done watching the show.

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From Sue’s untimely end to Buddy’s quiet demise, the most tragic deaths in the series are often the ones that happen to characters who deserve better. Unlike obnoxious characters like Cade and Del, the deaths of more likable figures in the show are often devastating for viewers who root for and have grown to love them.

Cade Langmore

Cade is a memorable supporting character for all the wrong reasons. He’s depicted as a hardened small-time criminal and a horrible father, as he convinces Ruth that there’s no good life out there for any Langmore so she may as well give up on her ambitions. What’s worse is that he puts the Byrdes in even more danger when he loses his cool and murders an FBI agent.

When Cade is offered a bag of cash to get out of the Ozarks, he doesn’t hesitate to leave his family behind. For all of these reasons, Nelson’s predictable assassination of Cade on the highway likely didn’t bother audiences all that much.

Camino Del Rio

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (3)

Del is the first big baddie viewers meet on the show and he makes quite a dramatic entrance. He’s a violent and unforgiving character who never forgets to remind Marty that his family’s life is in his hands.

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He was the looming villainous presence during the major changes in the Byrdes’ lives, so it was almost comforting to watch Marty work out a deal with him and the Snells. Things seemed to be looking up, but Del made the terrible mistake of offending Darlene. His death was shocking, but not heartbreaking – although it was slightly disappointing that he was taken out so early.

Agent Roy Petty

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (4)
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Agent Petty’s questionable methods and manipulative ways make it hard to sympathize with him, even after learning about his difficult relationship with his mother. The way he tricks and uses people like Rachel and Russ is despicable, but understandable considering the nature of his job.

When Marty uses his mom as leverage, fans likely realized that Roy is capable of genuine love and concern. His death is unfortunate because of how random it is, as it isn’t entangled in an evil plot to take the FBI down. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and definitely said all the wrong things to Cade.

Helen Pierce

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (5)

Whether fans like her or not, Helen is undeniably one of the best characters in Ozark. The cartel’s lawyer is cunning, calculating, and coldhearted. Her story arc is an interesting one, as she starts out as the Byrdes’ handler before eventually working with them, but she turns around and betrays them towards the end.

Helen’s ambition and dislike for the Byrdes ruined her chances of survival. Her shocking death is somewhat sad because it feels like a waste of a skillful character. That said, she could never achieve what Wendy has and Navarro knows that she’s disposable, even though she may not believe it.

Mason Young

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (6)

Mason’s disturbing storyline is one that will stay with viewers for a long time. His descent from being a faithful pastor preaching from his boat to a murderous father who can’t even recognize his own child is upsetting.

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While it can be argued – and Marty does say – that Mason is responsible for the way things turned out for his family, the Byrdes certainly played a big role in it. The fact that he endangered Helen and Zeke makes it harder to feel bad for him, but it was still troubling to see his life end in such a sorry state.

Russ Langmore

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (7)

Russ’ short-lived relationship with Agent Petty allowed fans to see a different side of the Langmore. Far from being the gruff and narrow-minded uncle to Ruth that viewers have grown used to, Russ shows that he can actually be a loving, optimistic, and ambitious person.

It’s unfortunate that Roy’s trickery only sends Russ straight back to his old ways, which indirectly gets him killed. Russ’ murder especially stings because of how it affects Ruth and Wyatt after. That said, his death was in exchange for Marty’s life, and given the choice, fans would likely choose the Byrdes over Russ and Boyd.

Jacob Snell

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (8)

For the longest time, Jacob and Darlene have always had each other’s backs. Jacob eventually realizes that Darlene’s recklessness will get them in trouble with the cartel, but what he doesn’t know is that she sees the way he changes around her, too.

The way Darlene brilliantly foils Jacob’s murder attempt is still one of the most unforgettable scenes in the series. The way he professes his love for her and laughs with her one last time is moving but messed up. It’s hard to feel fully sympathetic towards the Snells, considering how they’re always getting in Marty’s way.

Sue Shelby

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (9)
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Who could forget the charming old lady who just happened to doom herself by buying a flashy car? Sue may be a charming therapist on the surface, but she’s a cunning old-timer who has no trouble taking bribes from both Marty and Wendy in couple’s therapy.

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She’s a sweet person whose storyline had the perfect comical twist, but everyone could see her death coming from a mile away after she drove up to Marty’s driveway and in front of Helen. Despite being a minor character, Sue’s demise likely tugged at some heartstrings – she just wanted to check on Marty and show off her brand new car, after all.

Buddy Dieker

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (10)

Buddy is one of the bravest characters on the show, as he has nothing left to lose at that point in his life. Even though viewers know from the start that Buddy has less than a year left to live, it doesn’t make his death any less heartbreaking.

Fans have grown to love the fearless Buddy who has a surprisingly fascinating past with the mob. His friendship with Jonah and protectiveness of the Byrdes are just a few of the aspects that make him such a great character. Buddy at least dies peacefully next to Wendy, after doing what he does best by helping her trick the Snells. Jonah’s tear-jerking eulogy about Buddy’s interesting life and loving nature says it all, and fans likely couldn’t help but shed a tear or two after hearing the young boy speak about how the old man was his only real friend.

Ben Davis

Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked (11)

It’s almost too painful to watch things spin out of control for Ben after he makes a horrific mistake by confronting Helen. He obviously only wants to do the right thing for Wendy and Ruth, but he has no idea what that is and how dangerous his situation really is.

Ben has formed meaningful bonds with Ruth and Jonah, which is in large part why his death is so devastating. Of course, the most heartbreaking part of his tragic end is that Wendy gives up on him and leaves him to Nelson. When Ben looks around for Wendy in the parking lot, everything clicks and he realizes what she has done. It’s a dark conclusion to that story arc that truly underscores how far the Byrdes are willing to go for the cartel.

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Ozark: 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked? ›

Then, another assailant is shot in the head before he kills the baby. A man is tortured by having his toenails ripped of with a pair of pliers. The entire process is seen onscreen, with blood and some gore. This might be the most graphic scene in the entire series.

What is the most graphic scene in the Ozarks? ›

Then, another assailant is shot in the head before he kills the baby. A man is tortured by having his toenails ripped of with a pair of pliers. The entire process is seen onscreen, with blood and some gore. This might be the most graphic scene in the entire series.

Who killed Gary Ozark? ›

Marty's wife Wendy is having an affair with Gary "Sugarwood" Silverberg. She follows his advice to leave Marty and take their two children and as much money as she can secure, which causes Del to have Silverberg killed as a warning to Wendy to keep the family together.

Is there a lot of violence in Ozark? ›

Parents need to know that Ozark is a downbeat drama about a man who launders money for a drug cartel who's forced to flee with his family to a small town in Missouri. The family is in league with gangsters; violence is a threat and often erupts on-screen.

What is the most brutal death Ozark? ›

Gary Silverberg's Fall From A Skyscraper. The most brutal death in Ozark also happens to be one of the first in the series. When Marty finds out Wendy is plotting to run away with her secret lover, Gary Silverberg, he rushes over to his apartment to stop his cheating wife.

What town was Ozark filmed in? ›

But according to Decider, Ozark is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia around the Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier area. To be more specific for Peach State locals, the drama was shot in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Canton, Peachtree and Norcross.

Did Wendy Byrde get killed? ›

They got away with it. Master manipulator Wendy Byrde and her accountant husband, Marty (Laura Linney and Jason Bateman), are not dead, and they're not in jail at the end of Netflix's “Ozark” fourth and final season.

Why do critics not like Ozark? ›

Ozark is simply too busy to contextualize its story and surroundings. Having swum out too far in its own murky waters, the show frantically kicks and flails its way to an open-ended conclusion that doesn't quite feel like it was worth all the trouble.

How many times does Ruth say the F word in Ozark? ›

We hear the f-word 44 times with most instances coming from Ruth. We also hear the s-word five times and the c-word one time. In addition, “d–n,” “b–ch,” “d–k” and “a–” are used on multiple occasions. We hear one use of “h—.” God's name is misused nine times, and Jesus' name is inappropriately used once.

Why did Beth stab Dawn? ›

She could not handle being in a submissive position regarding Dawn, she wanted to show she was not weak and could confront her. She would have not been able to cope with leaving without confronting Dawn first.

Who killed the most walkers? ›

Throughout his time in the comics and on the television series, it is estimated that Glenn killed 174 Walkers. He used a variety of means to accomplish this high number including firearms and close-combat knives and other weapons. Until Negan killed him, he was one of the most efficient killers alive.

Why was Daryl so sad when Beth died? ›

Norman Reedus tells TVGuide.com that Daryl was also devastated to lose Beth, whom he had been searching for ever since she was kidnapped toward the end of Season 4. "Beth meant a lot to Daryl and I feel like she was, in his eyes, one of the only good people left in the world," Reedus says.

Why did they burn the poppies in Ozark? ›

When the cartel wants the Snells to stop their heroin operation, and they refuse, Wendy and Buddy (Harris Yulin) are the ones to burn down their poppy farm. As the Byrdes spend more time in the Ozarks, Wendy becomes increasingly bold in her actions.

Does anyone survive in Ozark? ›

Jonah pulls the trigger, the screen cuts to black, and a gunshot is heard—meaning that the Byrdes have miraculously survived Ozark's deadly obstacle path. Mundy chose Jonah to get that final shot because he was the last Byrde to come around to the family's criminality, after an estrangement spurred by Ben's death.

Can Ozark happen in real life? ›

Ozark is pure fiction, but award-winning journalist Sam Quinones knows there's nothing fake about the drug cartels. He's been reporting on them for almost 20 years. “I didn't mean to be doing this this long, honestly,” he shares. “One story leads to another.”

Who is the most hated character in Ozark? ›

HATE: Frank Cosgrove Jr.

After being forced from the establishment in embarrassing fashion, he cemented himself as one of Ozark's most hateable characters when he brutally beat Ruth (Julia Garner) in retaliation.

Who is the scariest character in Ozark? ›

Ozark: 10 Most Terrifying Characters In The Show
  • 8 Darlene Snell.
  • 7 Cade Langmore.
  • 6 Helen Pierce.
  • 5 Nelson.
  • 4 Ben Davis.
  • 3 Wendy Byrde.
  • 2 Omar Navarro.
  • 1 Javier Elizonndro.
Feb 26, 2022

Who is the most ruthless character in Ozark? ›

Without a doubt, the most formidable villain the Byrdes have ever gone up against is Omar Navarro. The ruthless cartel leader is willing to kill, torture, and harass to keep his organization alive.

Where is Ruth's house in Ozark filmed? ›

The Ozark house. The Byrde family house is located in Flowery Branch (Georgia) by Lake Lanier, off Gaines Ferry Road with Bailey Drive. You can see the house's dock from Van Pugh North Park. According to Zillow, some of the mansions in the area have an estimated price of around half a million dollars.

Where is the real house from Ozark? ›

Midwest setting aside, the 2,513-square-foot, split-level home—distinctive for its midcentury style and array of floor-to-ceiling windows—is actually located on a spacious 1.27-acre parcel on Gaines Ferry Road in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Where is the Langmore trailer filmed? ›

Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta, Norcross, Georgia

All of the show's interior scenes are shot at Eagle Rock Studios. The soundstage is just outside of Atlanta. The studios were used for the interior of the Lickety Splitz strip club, Buddy Dyker's basement, and the interior of Russ Langmore's trailer.

Why did Ozark get Cancelled? ›

I know for us, creatively, we didn't think it would go past five. Knowing where we wanted to end it—at least emotionally; we didn't know all the mechanics of it—it felt like somewhere in that four-five season range was kind of perfect."

Who killed Navarro in Ozark? ›

Meanwhile, Omar Navarro, who always seemed nearly invincible, is not so lucky when he meets his deadly fate at the hands of none other than his sister, Camila.

What happened to Charlotte Byrde? ›

At the end of Season 4, Charlotte agrees to move in with her grandfather along with Jonah, because he promises them safety and they want to get out of their family problems, believing that they'll never end. Ultimately, Wendy convinces them to come back to her and they reunite as a family.

Why is Wendy so unlikeable in Ozark? ›

Wendy Byrde is quite a complex character and is one that some audiences love, and others despise. She starts out instantly being unlikable due to the fact she has an affair, and her refusal to really help out the family at first is frustrating.

What shows are better than Ozark? ›

  • Damages.
  • Queen of the South.
  • The Mosquito Coast.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • Bloodline.
  • Narcos/Narcos: Mexico.
  • Sneaky Pete.
  • Pure.
Aug 2, 2022

Which cast of Ozark has Down syndrome? ›

A-lister Jason Bateman handpicked Katy actor Evan Vourazeris to fill the role of "Tuck" on the Netflix Original Series, Ozark. Now this talented man with downs syndrome is making a name for himself in Hollywood.

What episode does Marty sleep with Ruth? ›

My Dripping Sleep

What was Ruth Langmore's famous line? ›

"I've Got A Pretty Strong F*****g Stomach… Pardon My French." Ruth Langmore has a habit of squeezing a swear word into nearly every sentence. However, the line about her strong stomach is hilarious because she expresses self-awareness of this by apologizing, in her way.

What is the famous line from Ozark? ›

Money Is Not Peace Of Mind, Money Is Not Happiness, Money Is, At Its Essence, That Measure Of A Man's Choices.

Was Beth killed as a child? ›

In "Rickmurai Jack", Rick's original Beth, Beth C-137, is revealed to have been killed as a child along with her mother Diane, with Rick having spent the following decades scouring the multiverse for their killer, eventually electing to move in with the adult version of Beth and her family from his target's native ...

Why did the officer slap Beth? ›

Why did she slap Beth? Because she was afraid of looking weak to the other cops. Why did she demand Noah be given back to her? Because she was afraid of looking weak.

Why did Beth say I get it now before she died? ›

It's to survive. So I think that moment is saying, “Oh, I get it now. I have to protect myself, and sometimes I have to go that extra bit, that's maybe not morally right.” It's kind of like telling her, “I get it now. I'm going to take you down.”

Who killed the most humans in history? ›

Serial killers with the highest known victim count. The most prolific modern serial killer is arguably doctor Harold Shipman, with 218 probable murders and possibly as many as 250 (see "Medical professionals", below). However, he was actually convicted of a sample of 15 murders.

How many people Walter White killed? ›

Throughout the five seasons of Breaking Bad, Walt caused the death of almost 300 people, directly or indirectly. As the character descended into wickedness, Walt didn't necessarily seem to fall under the label of a psychotic murderer.

Did Carl lose his arm? ›

Carl Sacrifices His Arm (Season 7, Episode 1)

As if brutally murdering Abraham and Glenn weren't enough (spoiler alert), Negan chooses to REALLY test Rick by demanding he cut Carl's arm off or he'll kill all of his friends. This is the straw that nearly broke Rick's back.

What mental illness does Daryl have? ›

Daryl Dixon goes through a quick but severe state of depression after finding his brother Merle as a walker and having to put him out of his misery.

Is Darryl In Love With Beth? ›

Seeing Daryl walk out of the hospital with a dead Beth cradled in his arms remains one of the saddest and most tragic moments of the entire show. Did Daryl love Beth? The odds say yes.

What did Judith whisper to Daryl? ›

You deserve a happy ending, too,” Judith says to her Uncle Daryl, in one of the episode's many poignant moments.

Who did Ruth bury in her pool Ozark? ›

A show that has always been deeply cynical ends with one of its darkest chapters in a lot of ways, suggesting that people like the Byrdes are untouchable. God help anyone who gets in their way. The episode opens with a shovel tapping the muddy ground. Ruth has buried Nelson, and she has a vision of Wyatt looking on.

Who was buried in the Snells Field? ›

Grace's bones turned up in the soil of the Snells' burnt poppy field after the FBI launched an investigation into the couple and started quite literally digging around.

Who did Wendy cheat on Marty with? ›

It's worth asking why did Wendy cheat on Marty with Gary Silverberg in the first place, as it's obvious the married couple did not have the best relationship.

What happens to Jonah in Ozark? ›

Ozark ends with Jonah holding up a shotgun in the direction of the private investigator Mel Sattem before we hear a shot and the screen goes black. It's very much left up to the audience's interpretation what happens next and there are several fan theories about who or what Jonah shoots.

Did the Byrdes get out of the cartel? ›

All four of the Byrdes — Marty (Jason Bateman), Wendy (Laura Linney), and their children Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) — ended the series unscathed and out from under the cartel, but they find themselves with yet another body to bury.

Is there a happy ending in Ozark? ›

After all, the Byrdes had been tangled up in cartel fights, undercover operations and drug deals gone awry. Nonetheless, in an interview with Variety, Bateman described it as a "happy ending," albeit one with a "smudge on it."

Why wasn t Ozark filmed in Missouri? ›

While the series wasn't shot in the Midwest, there was intention behind choosing Georgia as its backup. Per Decider, Ozark's filming location was chosen due to tax incentives.

Is Navarro a real cartel? ›

Mexico's second largest drug cartel led by Omar Navarro. Their main rival was the Laguna Cartel and Navarro Cartel was losing war against Laguna Cartel until law enforcement on both side of border took Laguna Cartel down after getting a tip from the Byrdes.

What state is Ozark based out of? ›

Premise. After a money-laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel goes wrong, financial advisor Marty Byrde proposes to make amends by offering to set up a bigger laundering operation in the Lake of the Ozarks region of central Missouri.

Why are Ozark scenes so dark? ›

You'll be pleased to know that the moody aesthetic was, in fact, a conscious decision made by the creative team. They wanted to match the cinematography with the overall mood of the show, and boy, did it work.

What is the highest and most rugged part of the Ozarks? ›

At up to 2,600 feet, the Boston Plateau, usually referred to as the Boston Mountains because of its ruggedness, is the highest of the Ozark Mountains.

Is there really a Blue Cat Lodge? ›

The good news is there really is a Blue Cat Lodge. The bad news is it was only created for the show and isn't technically open to the public. The film crew commandeered a shuttered bar & grill on Lake Allatoona and turned it into the Blue Cat Lodge.

Why did they stop filming Ozark? ›

21, 2022, and the second part was released April 29, 2022. Speaking to The Wrap, executive producer and showrunner Chris Mundy recently explained his reasoning behind Ozark's end. "We always thought five [seasons] was the outside number. It just felt like after that — we didn't want to repeat ourselves."

How many swear words in Ozark? ›

Sometimes, we just desire a bit more ingenuity in language, but alas, we are instead dealt 26 f-words and seven s-words, with one preceded by “bull”. The c-word is used once, “h—” is used twice and “a–” is used multiple times.

What state has the most Ozarks? ›

The Ozarks (also referred to as the Ozark Mountains or Ozark plateau) extend across five states: Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Illinois. The majority of the region falls in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

Why are tourists attracted to the Ozarks? ›

The biggest attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks is The Lake itself. From boating to fishing to watersports to beaches, The Lake draws millions of tourists every year from all walks of life to experience what this manmade wonder has to offer.

Do the Ozarks really have more coastline than California? ›

Missouri's most popular lake destination features more than 1,100 miles of shoreline – that's more shoreline than the coast of California. The Lake of the Ozarks offers access to public beaches, great fishing, and plenty of room for fun and recreation on the water.

Is The Lazy O Motel Real? ›

The Lazy-O Motel is the Americas Best Value Inn in Conyers at West Avenue and Interstate 20.

Who is the least liked character in Ozark? ›

HATE: Darlene Snell

Her sudden and shocking death in the seventh episode of season four was a jarring scene which stripped Ozark of its most volatile character and its best antagonist.

Who is the real villain in Ozark? ›

Type of Villain

Wendy Marie Byrde (née Davis) is the villainous deuteragonist of the thriller series Ozark. A former political staffer, Wendy and her husband Marty become involved in money laundering for the Navarro drug cartel.

Is Wendy a sociopath? ›

Wendy Byrde has a major daddy complex

It's clear in season three that Wendy has a strained relationship and difficult history when her brother, Ben, comes back on the scene. By the time Ben leaves, we know for 100% that Wendy is a bona fide psychopath.


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