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My name is Li Zihan.I m Si an exchange student between Politecnico di Torino and China.Li Zihan hesitated for a moment, but still reported the name of Politecnico di Torino, and now told the uncle in front of him that cloud n9ne cbd gummies he is a student of the Sichuan Institute of Physical Education in China.He probably doesn t know where the north is.Hmm WaitJuventus head coach Nani This wretched uncle in front of me is the head coach of the giant Juventus Even Juventus doesn t know, so this cbd gummies iowa job is too ignorant.JuventusJuventusJuventus Master the head coach YouyouII Poor Li Zihan s children s shoes were so surprised that they couldn t even speak.On the opposite side, Conte wiped his sweat secretly, and the brat finally understood That s right, I am the head coach of Juventus.At present, our team just needs a substitute striker.I think you are not bad.Are you interested in coming to Juventus to play football Of course, it s just a substitute.If you want to play the main force, I may also let you go to the second team or youth training camp.Conte said with a gentlemanly face.Gogo to the first team, playbe a substitute.Poor Li Zihan, probably suffers from stuttering.However, he still agreed without hesitation to go can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for back pain relief to Juventus as a substitute, to the second team and the youth training camp Only a fool would do that Someone said It is not a good thing if good things come too fast, there will be no pies in the sky In Li Zihan s opinion, those who say this are generally those who are not ready, or those who have missed the opportunity.Li Zihan knows that opportunities will only be given to those who are prepared, and he thinks he is the one who is ready One of a small group of people.As for being booed by the Udinese fans in the stands, they pretended not to hear them.They are not rookies who played football on the first day.They have been booed many times in their careers, and even their own fans have booed them.As for the rookies who played football on the second day , Li Zihan was even less stressed.Although the booing is not pleasant, if it is the olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies booing of the enemy s supporters, then you can feel at ease.Because in his heart, the enemy booed him and hated him, which meant that he had the ability to threaten the other party.Or it can be said that the enemy booed him because they were afraid of himwell, so they were afraid of me Doesn t that mean I m doing well What a compliment Sullen cloud n9ne cbd gummies thought to myself.As for those hard to hear national curses His current level of Italian can t understand The reason is that Miss Susan didn t plan to teach him because she was afraid of teaching children badlyEr In Susan s heart, Li Zihan is just a child EhJuventus tactically chose to defend with the ball It can be seen from their uninterrupted forward and backward passes without mistakes or interceptions that their cooperation is quite tacit Faced with the extremely depressing and boring game for the audience, even Uncle Zhan Jun had to say this Yes.With Li Zihan s two games, the number of scouts outside the training base has increased.On the third floor of the office building east of the Vinovo training base, Conte knocked on the door of Marotta s office.Giuseppe Marotta is the team general manager of Juventus, responsible for the team s player signings, contract renewals, wages and sponsorship of partners and other commercial issues.As the head coach, Conte has no right to be responsible for the signing of professional players.He only has the right to make suggestions.He will tell the club s senior management the name of the player he needs, and the senior management will decide whether to introduce this player or other players.The temporary contract that Li Zihan signed was Marotta who was sought by Conte.Since it was a temporary contract, Marotta was also willing to give face to the coach who had been working with him for a long time, and handed the contract directly to Conte without any discussion at the top.Matri is also sitting on the bench, and Ben, who is also a center forward like him.Turner, here comes another Li Zihan.This dissatisfied Anelka, who once played for the newly promoted giants Chelsea and was once famous, but he did not express this emotion, but his two restless agent brothers were operating something up.Everyone in the professional football circle knows the story that Anelka, who loves money, and his two vampire brothers have to tell.This is also the reason why Anelka has a bad reputation in the professional circle despite his good football They always ask for high salaries and signing fees, and even put pressure on the original club on the transfer fee to get a good kickback.Then he didn can you get high from cbd gummies t stay in the new club for long, reserve cbd thc gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies and then he started to change jobs for any reason, because his two brothers would be able to get money again shortly after receiving the white label cbd gummy bears cloud n9ne cbd gummies best cbd gummies for constipation signing fee and share This is also The reason why many coaches don t like Anelka, but the club still signed Anelka, and Conte had to use him as a substitute and a firefighter.Central Sports Huang Zixiang of the channel immediately saw the yellow face and black eyes We saw Li Zihan cloud n9ne cbd gummies .

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on the Juventus bench.He is in Conte s squad.He is chatting with Matri right now.There are shy smiles all over his face, and he is still a child s age.But it can also be seen that he has a very good relationship with the team.Matri and him are in the same position.It is conceivable that his competitors in the team have a relationship with other people who talk and laugh with him.There are more and more people who pay attention to Li Zihan in China.Li Zihan now entrusts the football dream of 1.3 billion people in the country.After all, there are no Chinese people playing football in Europe now, unlike in the 1980s.On the contrary, neighboring countries Japan and South Korea are getting better and better in the European arena.Most of the data give him a potential growth value, and he must use the experience accumulated in usual training and competitions to use these data.Potential becomes ability.Only explosiveness and speed are what he really feels.Skills, dribbling, passing and receiving have to go through a lot of cloud n9ne cbd gummies training to make good use of those data.Just like in the football manager game, many guys with abnormal statistics are sluggish on the field, and guys with mediocre statistics are like chicken blood on the field, with many goals and assists.This also made Li Zihan sigh, as expected, there is no such thing as something for nothing.So cloud n9ne cbd gummies cbd gummies near by Li Zihan spent six of the remaining seven skills to change his skills from only fourteen to twenty, so that at least for his age, which is cbd gummies for back pain relief green otter cbd gummies scam almost finalized, the effect of training will be faster.Li Zihan said out of breath.In fact, Chienelli, the uncle called by Li Zihan, is not old at all.He is only 28 this year.As a defender, he is in his golden age.It s just that to Chinese people, foreign Caucasians look old, just like a Caucasian in his early twenties looks like a Chinese in cloud n9ne cbd gummies his thirties.You just know, you have to know that this kind of training consumes both physical strength and mental strength.In the process of non stop running, you must always pay attention to the running positions of your opponents and teammates, and roughly calculate their next move.Also It is necessary to pass the ball accurately, so that teammates can directly take the charge away or hit the goal without adjustment after receiving the ball.At this time, our brains generally need to be as flexible and fast as a computer.If it s gone, it s gone.You might as well just stay here, anyway, you ll come over early tomorrow morning.Li Zihan said pretending to be nonchalant.Susan looked at Li Zihan vigilantly, from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top.Li Zihan looked horrified Youwhat are you doing Susan suddenly understood, and she said, Tell me, what are your plans Did you plan this long ago Li Zihan was puzzled What plan What was planned Susan analyzed with a look that I saw through You used to come back on time before, but you came back so late today.Then when I said When there was no bus, you told me to sleep here without thinking Susan smiled slyly, as if there was only one truth, and I already understood it.You need to be frank and lenient, otherwise you will be served with great punishment.Li Zihan felt that his cold sweat was about to flow out, and he already understood what Susan meant.

Li Zihan is thinking about the system.After the last few games, he has accumulated He has reached the ability value of six.Although this number is a drop in the bucket to guarantee his own life, if it is added to attributes, cloud n9ne cbd gummies cbd gummies near by his strength will go further.I want to give these six ability points to the Free Kick index, after all What Pirlo said is also right.I must have a relatively outstanding ability.Most of the time, I can t rely on my speed.Free kicks in set kicks are a good way.Currently, I only have a free kick index of 10.I am really here I can t be flattered in this ability.However, as a striker, balance , flexibility , and anticipation are also very important.Now I have three abilities 13, 15, and 13, which are relatively It s very low.Li Zihan sighed, damn, the number of abilities is really not enough.But Yi Lian, who was holding a camera as chongs cbd gummies the official and chief photographer of Let s run in the name of Hanniang , realized this.She even thought out the accompanying text for these photos Miss Hanniang is very annoyed at the fact that her teammates who performed so bravely did not score a goal in the end.Mistress Han best cbd gummies on groupon can t wait to play.If Li Zihan Children s shoes knew that if Yi Lian still used Han Niang to tease him at this time, he would definitely strip Yi Lian s clothes and pants, and then slap her little butt Because our Lady Hanniang really couldn t laugh, he felt cheated again.Just now, he suddenly received an instruction from the system and was told that there was a new mission.Mr.Robot announced inhumanely You have a new mission, The First Derby War Mission requirements face the Italian national derby for the first time, ensure victory, and defeat Inter Milan.Giovinco dribbled the ball there and he moved accordingly, obviously buying time for his teammates to return to defense.Giovinco s corner of the eye saw Kambia who was about to follow up from a distance.So and Pereira.He quickly moved the ball forward diagonally to the left, and then accelerated to the right to break through the opponent.Chapter 69 A Ball Causes a Heart of Turmoil Giovanco scored the ball Just when Giovinco bypassed Silvestre, he yelled inwardly.Because of his confusion just now, the power of this kick was weak.Sure enough, when he turned around, he saw that Silvestre had already passed the ball.He stepped on the ball.Giovanco made a mistake.When he scored the ball, he was too weak.He passed by, but the ball was easily left by the opponent s central defender Silvestre.However, Silvestre was not happy for too long.Damn it, let me go Su Su obviously doesn t like Elaine who is so basic.Susan stared blankly at the court, and she found that Li Zihan on the court and Li Zihan in life are exactly the same.On the court, he is confident and brave , decisive, but in life, he is shy, timid, andso obsessed.Thinking of this, Susan blushes.This summer, we will sign Li.The most wise decision of the club Although he didn t cost us a single euro for the transfer IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies feehaha A white haired old fan roared excitedly.And the domestic fans also began to boil This is this really our Chinese player Amitabha Immeasurable Heavenly Venerable, our Chinese football has been saved.This goal is cbd gummi es for sleep so fucking beautiful, I ve decided, I ll be a fan of our Hanniang from now on What the hellthe curvature of that body is even better than that of South American players.Zanetti immediately stepped up to get close, and Li Zihan did not use his speed advantage to get away He.Li Zihan glanced at the uncle in front of him, and then made a few fake breakthroughs.The experienced Zanetti would fall for this, and he kept close to Li Zihan.Then he took advantage of Li Zihan s one When the false action made a mistake, Uncle Zanetti stepped down decisively to destroy the ball.However, Asamoah who came up received the ball, and then he sped up and came out from behind Li Zihan.He simply passed and was reserve cbd thc gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies still fighting with Li Zihan.The entangled Zanetti.Asamoah did not go to the bottom, but made a 45 degree diagonal pass.After receiving the ball, Marchisio resisted Xieluoto s harassment and then passed the ball with difficulty.After receiving the ball, Vidal observed the situation on the field and saw Li Zihan who had just gotten rid of Zanetti at a glance.Oh Li s feet have already stepped into the penalty area and passed the line of the penalty area.In other words, this traffic accident happened in the penalty area.Then the referee s penalty is no problem, Quite right.Chapter Seventy Eight Time Is Really Running Out Chapter 78 Time Is Really Running Out And Uncle Zhan Jun in the Sina live broadcast room shouted directly This is a ball That s right, it s a ball at all, there is no such penalty at all One question, there is no dispute Inter Milan has to pay for their mistakes The domestic Inter Milan fans will not quibble for the team they support, and from the slow motion of the TV, this is indeed an undisputed ball.And they also have a good impression of Li Zihan, the only compatriot who has played in the European league and performed well.If Li Zihan didn t play well, they would start booing.Under the defense, he couldn t be seen in the audience Then he listed a bunch of statistics to prove that Li Zihan s state is declining, and it is not as amazing as it was at first.Chapter 81 There is a price to best cbd gummy reviews be paid for losing Chapter 81 There is a price to be paid for losing The words of Sanchez can be summed up as follows This kid is not as awesome as he looks on the surface.Forced, he just performed exceptionally during this period of time, and now he cloud n9ne cbd gummies is returning to normal mediocrity.It cloud n9ne cbd gummies is cloud n9ne cbd gummies very likely that he is the kind of shooting star who has scored a lifetime of goals in one season.I have to say that Sanchez s article successfully made his readers and fans think so.But Li Zihan didn t read his article when Sanchez regretted it, because Li Zihan was quite upset because of the failure of the first mission.Don t you think Pescara is a nice guy I think they don t mind helping us practice our Italian style chain defense, knowing that we will face Chelsea at home soon.Quagliarella is very happy I quickly understood what Conte meant.Obviously he belongs to cloud n9ne cbd gummies the kind of player who thinks more.Then he nodded and smiled back I think I understand, boss.Don t worry, I ll go and tell everyone that Pescara is a very good man.Then he trotted to the field, and Bo Bo, who was throwing the ball in bounds on cloud n9ne cbd gummies the sideline Chetty had already had a drink of water and was ready to serve.This chapter has just been coded, and I have been busy recently, so Xiao Qi cloud n9ne cbd gummies s update is very slow.It takes about two hours for Xiaoqi to write 3,000 cloud n9ne cbd gummies words.Almost every day after coming back from work, he starts to code after eating and taking a shower.

Although he was beating his opponent to death, the rational Conte still rejected the suggestion of his assistants to use the main force to fight.So Conte gave Li Zihan, Vucinic, Pirlo, Vidal and others a day off, and didn t even ask them to go to the training base for training.And I took other players to Milan City early in the morning.For this reason, the Juventus lineup did not even make up the 23 man roster But what surprised Li Zihan was that the bearded commentator of Sky Sports on TV kept mentioning Li Zihan s name every now and then.Damn, I didn t even go to the away game, why do you always call me by my name Of course Li Zihan didn t understand Hullhouse s liking for him In fact, this Li Zihan is still very regretful that he did not go to a game.At the beginning, he took the initiative to find his wretched uncle Conte and volunteered.You must know that Li Zihan is very famous in China now.Anyone who pays attention to football knows him His name, even in Italy, many people know him, including London, England Chelsea fans still haven t forgotten him Li Zihan sat down with everyone, and then chatted and laughed with everyone.Everyone Li Zihan raised his glass to toast, but Li Zihan declined, saying that IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies the training camp will be in two days, and it is not good to drink now, and he has to save his body to play the game.Wait until the summer vacation, and drink enough with everyone.Everyone expressed their understanding.He also It satisfied the questions of many curious people, and even a buddy patted Li Zihan s shoulder after drinking too much and said, Brother, I think you play really well.Messi and Ronaldo are far behind.And other Serie A teams have also started hoarding bullets and cannonballs.AC Milan has introduced a very special performance in Manchester City, the young Italian striker Balotelli.Speaking of Balotelli, Chinese fans are no strangers to him.At the European Cup in summer, a group of pictures of Bashen became popular.Balotelli miraculously missed a single handed chance when Spain played against Italy in Group C of the European Cup.Netizens joked that he was thinking about life.Later, during training, he pulled out the horn flagpole and placed it on his lower body, waving it, indicating that it was very powerful What made people speechless was that in a game, Barlow Terry strikes suddenly.He took off the trousers of his national teammate, the bad boy CassanoWho is Cassano, Balotelli dared to take off his trousers Balotelli, who came from Inter Milan s youth training and was finally brought to Manchester City by Mancini from Inter Milan, can be described as a wonder on the court.Trouble.Then Pirlo leaned on Renan s solid chest and passed the ball to Asamoah.Asamoah, who got the ball, saw the opponent s defender turn around being played by his midfield teammate, and immediately rushed forward along the sideline with the ball as if he had been beaten with chicken blood.The full back Costa who came to intercept was abruptly squeezed away by Asamoah, who has the traditional physical strength of a black player.Then immediately under the bottom, center back Rossini watches No watches, just Rossini.The central defender Rossini made up his position and rushed towards Asamoah at the bottom, but left a small space in the middle.Asamoah has sharp eyes, saw Vucinic plus gummies cbd in the neutral position, and immediately uploaded it.Vucinic took off to meet Asamoah s high pass, and then came a lion s head.Giaccellini really wanted to say to De Sciglio You think too much Juventus s Magic Oil Right Foot in the midfield did not pass the ball, but swiped the ball inward without going to the side.Then he quickly followed the ball, and passed the ball with his left foot.Giaccellini is getting better and better, he takes full advantage of the space left by Abarth s error on the wing.Then fakes to deceive the young talented defender De Sciglio can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for back pain relief from going up, and finally puts the ball and sends a wonderful kick.Direct pass.Football successfully found Pogba who went forward, and poor De Sciglio is still looking at Isla who is as young as him.Of course, Abate is much more pitiful than him.Because Kevin Constant has already warmed up, and it is self evident who to replace.Chapter 124 Leading cloud n9ne cbd gummies cbd gummies near by and counterattacking Chapter 124 Leading and counterattacking Pogba received Marchisio s exquisite pass at the front of the penalty area, then stretched his body, and was about to shoot long range.This is a red flag.Poor Marotta, he doesn t understand the current situation of Chinese football at all But for Marotta, things haven t reached olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies the worst step yet.He can sell the Chinese and make a lot of money for the club.Anyway, when Li Zihan came to the club, he didn t pay him a transfer fee of one euro, so no matter how much money he sold, he earned olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies nothing.After seeing Arsenal s email, Marotta was actually moved.But when he saw the exact amount, he wanted to scold her.Marotta would not be foolish enough to accept this kind of price that was almost free.As for the free gift of Bendtner Heck, his salary is several times higher than Li Zihan s.The salary of a player who often doesn t play is really high for Juventus.After rejecting Arsenal s offer, Marotta didn t take Arsenal seriously.Considering whether to sell Li Zihan to several other teams, because Marotta knows that Li Zihan does not have EU nationality and does not have enough playing time for the national team, so he cannot get a labor permit in the Premier League.When the hatred value is not very high, Vidal doesn t want to target the opponent, otherwise he can maliciously retaliate against the opponent with this tackle.But everyone came out to play football, and the importance of their bodies to them is self evident.So Vidal chose to face the ball in the end, and brought the opponent along to remind the opponent We are not easy to mess with, you boy, give me peace of mind Guida originally had the whistle in his mouth, ready to blow the whistle to call Vidal a foul.But after hesitating for a while, he still didn t blow the sound.The foot was indeed aimed at the ball impeccably.Vidal quickly shoveled the ball off, which seemed to be teaching the opponent a lesson.Let the opponent see that an excellent professional football player can achieve great things without being fierce.If this continues, the front, middle and rear lines will be changed at the same time, but it will be a major operation.It s okay to succeed, but once you fail, it will hurt your muscles and bones.For Juventus, which has just stabilized, major surgery is a taboo.Conte sighed and rubbed his aching temple.Carrera didn t continue talking when he saw the sad Conte.He knew that his thinking was relatively simple, and the head coach had to consider all aspects of thinking.Li Zihan s appearance blew Juventus offensive horn.As soon as he came up, he tested the opponent s defense ability, and he made a personal breakthrough with the first touch of the ball.Marchisio s pass was comfortably delivered to Li Zihan s feet.Instead of cooperating with Vidal, Li Zihan dribbled the ball and stepped on three bicycles to shake Bertolaci away.

Oh my god, Li is so handsome at this moment.God, I think I m loving him more and more.Hurhouse is like a nympho with stars in his eyes.In a blink of an eye, healing nation cbd gummy Li Zihan ran to the ball.He swung his right leg and hit the cloud n9ne cbd gummies long awaited ball.The ball started instantly, flying It was shot out, accompanied by flying grass stains.It was like a knight had swung a big sword, aimed at the enemy s head, and then swung it down.The ball quickly crossed the Genoa jumping wall and flew towards the goal.Vucinic and Bonucci have started to slowly advance, ready to respond.Frey s eyes are fixed on the ball that is about to fall in the air, and he estimates the time and position of the jump to save.The ball begins to fall, and the target is directed at the upper right corner of the goal.Frey made a choice to move to the right, ready to take off.Angrily, he took the ball from the Genoa player, threw it in his hand, and then volleyed.The ball flew past Borriello s head as the cold wind whizzed and brushed his hair, scaring Borriello into a cold sweat.He thought in his heart that if cloud n9ne cbd gummies Li Zihan s ball hits the brain, he must have a slight concussion, right After finishing all this, Li Zihan cursed You coward, you have the guts to fight with our real strength.Let me tell you what football is At this moment, Li Zihan is not the usual weak little woman The same posture, but it looks particularly masculine.The Genoa players were also angry.They were planning to come up to catch Li Zihan and seek justice. Of course, it s more about finding an opportunity to give the black hand a few times.The referee was shocked, and immediately came up to separate the players who were about to fight, and then showed a yellow card to Li Zihan, who took the initiative to provoke trouble.Conte only leads the team Play the game.Conte already thinks that someone is manipulating the game.After all, there have been a lot of games being manipulated in Serie A in recent years.Even after the Phonegate incident, there are many, most of which are related to Lazio and San Francisco.Pudoria is related to Lecce and other teams.And Genoa and Sampdoria are from the same place, and it may be that the referee participated in gambling, so there was a deviation in the penalty.The referee on the field saw He looked at his watch and signaled for five minutes of extra time.Tomorrow s update may be even later.I will have dinner with the boss tomorrow night, and drinking is probably indispensable.It was late when I came back, and I was dizzy after drinking.If IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies tomorrow is too late, just update the day after tomorrow.She also understands that Li Zihan is not very good at expressing her feelings, no matter if the other party is a man or a woman So Susan took the initiative by herself, and neither a man nor a woman should be shy and condescending when it comes to her own happiness.reserved.Opportunities are often missed, and opportunities are given to those who are prepared.The midday sun jumped mischievously into the room through the cracks in the curtains, and the snow had stopped for some reason.The cold wind is caressing, but not so biting.Perhaps because of the sun, this winter noon does not seem so cold.Li Zihan looked at Susan who was asleep in his arms, with a happy and warm smile on his face.I don t know when I won the heart of this lady who looks like an iceberg beauty, and I don t know when I was fascinated by her.In fact, at the moment when Hamsik turned his back to the referee, a smile appeared on his face.Of course he knew that Pogba did not foul.In fact, Hamsik could have used it when Pogba tackled the ball.He fell, but he fell by himself.Then go to the referee to complain, these are just to put pressure on the referee, although the referee is very clear that this action is not a foul, but if things go on like this, the referee may be misled, anyway for Hamsik That s no loss.This can be regarded as a kind of psychological tactics on the court.Pogba didn t follow up with the counterattack quickly, but stood still and stared at Hamsik with eyes that were comparable to bull s eyes.Obviously, Pogba was very dissatisfied with Hamsik s little action Happy.Hamsik gave Pogba a friendly smile, and Pogba became even angrier.This late blooming goalkeeper has also caused headaches for many forwards.Pirlo took a corner kick and Li Zihan ambushed outside the penalty area because he did not have the advantage of heading the ball.Both Bonucci and Caceres were fighting in the penalty area, and Pirlo s ball flew straight into the penalty area.Silvestre did not fall into the background this time, he pressed Bonucci to take off and IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies reached the ball first.The ball didn t fly far, it just went into the penalty area.Samuel directly raised a big foot to make a clearance.Li Zihan shook his head regretfully, he still planned to shoot a shot outside the restricted area.In the eighth minute of the game, Inter Milan finally launched a threatening attack.After dribbling the ball in midfield, Guarin how many cbd gummies should i eat to get high carried Pogba s harassment and passed the ball to Kovacic.Or because the opponent is the powerful Bayern Munich.Backed off, he had cheated This article attached a photo of Li Zihan and Susan shopping together, holding hands with smiles on their faces, and picking up trinkets on the street with a sweet expression on their faces.The shooting angle was from the opposite side of them, and the picture was not very clear.It seemed that some gossip reporter secretly took the picture on the street.Unexpectedly, as soon as this report came out, it quickly became popular in the Apennine Peninsula.Li Zihan s current reputation in Italy is quite high, and he is almost the most concerned player in the Juventus team.Therefore, news about him generally sells well.Especially Li Zihan often lives in the training base and rarely shows up, so he hardly has any scandals.If the grades are not good, they can t even play the UEFA Cup.Of course, this is also related to their poor economic problems, coupled with the overall cowardice of Serie A.In the end, Juventus, who occupied most of the bench lineup, took three points at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.Although the Blue Eagles fans are one of the most popular and violent fan groups in Europe, they failed to help the team win.Amidst the boos of the audience, Giacherini sent a through ball.Giovinco plugged in and followed up quickly, but the opponent s defender failed to interfere.In the end, a clever shot in front of the goal scored, one to zero, and Juventus got off to a good start.Because Pogba played the entire game as a starter in the last Champions League, Conte did not arrange him to start this game, but came off the bench in the second half.

The Sword of Damocles is still hanging over his head Not long after Li Zihan personally created the history of the Serie A game, cbd gummies holland and barrett at the regular press conference of Juventus, the general manager Marotta announced that all the profit from the tickets for the match between Juventus and AC Milan would be donated to Ya an earthquake.Used for reconstruction of schools after the earthquake.And then the staff announced The 33rd round of Serie A this season, Juventus played against AC Milan at home.There were a total of 40,832 fans present.It almost reached the Juventus Serie A home game cloud n9ne cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies this season.With the highest attendance rate, the total revenue from tickets is 1,718,400 euros.Excluding the maintenance and various miscellaneous expenses after each game, the total is about 500,000 euros, and the remaining 1.Pogba, who has been watching this show He casually picked up a can of beer on the coffee table, pulled open the tab quickly with a touch, took a big gulp, and .

when to take cbd gummy?

then hiccupped, saying, Cheer up Just didn t reserve cbd thc gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies know he meant beer, Or about my good friend Li Zihan who was taken aback Li Zihan kept swearing in his heart, it really deserves to be the most unscrupulous show in all of Italy, and there are friends My God, to hell with the word friend.Piero laughed and stood up, hugged Li Zihan, and said with a smile Sorry, my friend, I was just joking with you just now, I hope I didn t scare you.You are the first Asian in our program.As for the guests, we forgot that your country is a relatively conservative country, and the director team probably treated you as a passionate European.Li Zihan rolled his eyes and said, I don t think Europeans are used to your enthusiasm.The host held a microphone and said loudly to the fans in the surrounding stands.Immediately there were huge cheers and applause from the fans.Now, let us welcome our hero into the arena and accept the cheers of the fans.Number one, Gigi the host shouted with a long tail.Buffon All the fans helped him untie the where can i buy biolife cbd gummies remaining names.Number three, Giorgio Chiellini Number four, Martin C ceres Number six, Paul Pogba The host and the fans cooperated quite tacitly.They called out the full name of each player in the order of Juventus jersey numbers.With the shouts of the fans and the host, the players also came out of the player channel like the olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies Ultraman who had been summoned.Walked out from under the temporary arch, and then ran all the way along the red carpet to the podium in the middle of the stadium.But I didn t expect that Vermaelen could not get back to his form in the end, and instead lost the ball.Thomas, what s wrong with you With cloud n9ne cbd gummies a face that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, Wenger frowned and looked at the players on the field how much should cbd gummies cost and thought.Wenger looked at the time and found that the end of the first half was not far away, so reserve cbd thc gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies he simply didn t make any substitutions.He walked to the sidelines and made a gesture, signaling the players not to be impatient or panic, and wait until the first half is over.As the captain, Vermaelen was obviously out of shape today.Just at the end of the first half, his mistake made the team lose 3 0 at home to a mid range team like Villa.Merdesart smashed Bentek s ball with a cross tackle, and the ball rolled to Vermaelen s feet.Abanglahuo rushed up again quickly, wanting to fight back on the spot.Because no players were injured, the referee only gave a symbolic one minute stoppage time in the first half.Okay, the first half is over.Villa unexpectedly led Arsenal 2 0 at the Emirates Stadium.In the first half, Arsenal s offense was not opened cloud n9ne cbd gummies at all, but the visiting team s counterattack was flourishing.The Gunners defender captain, the Belgian Vermaelen, is obviously out of shape today, and both conceded goals have something to do with him.Let s see what changes Arsenal will make in the second half.Wenger often takes advantage of the intermission when he is behind.Time often has a stroke of genius, let us rest for a quarter of an hour and come back, and the excitement will continue.Chapter 248 No negative can not be can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for back pain relief positive Chapter 248 Negative can not be positive Welcome everyone to continue watching the Premier League premiere In the round, Arsenal played against Aston Villa at home.Watching the opponents celebrate in their home court, the Arsenal fans finally couldn t help it.A fan sat behind where Wenger stood up and held up three English slogans spendmoney and spendmoney and spendmoney He yelled angrily at Wenger Spend some damn money, for God s sake, spend some damn money As he kept roaring, the atmosphere of the fans in the audience was actually moved by him.In less than half a minute, there was only one voice in the audience, and that was Spend some damn money This voice startled Li Zihan, the roar of more than 50,000 people was not a small voice.This is the first time that Li Zihan personally saw fans shouting slogans dissatisfied with the club in an away game.When he was in Juventus, some extreme right wing fans directly directed at him and Pogba and other yellow and black people But there is no trouble for fans to find the club and the head coach.I heard that Fu Bo, the local Chinese head coach of the Olympic team, was temporarily promoted to act as the head coach of the national team.According to Li Zihan s friends in the domestic media, the experienced old fritter Zhang Cheng told him that Fu Bo actually wanted to keini cbd gummies recruit him into the national team.But it was rejected by the big bosses of the Football Association.According to Zhang Cheng, the people of the Football Association think that Li Zihan is still young and born in Yeluzi , and his performance has not been good recently.In addition, Li Zihan is a thorn in the head.If Recruiting the national team is not good for the locker room, it is not good for the national team that has just stabilized Li Zihan didn t even scold her when he heard it.Who doesn t know what the Football Association is like as long as it is Chinese It s not that my state is not good, no matter how bad my state is, I am better than other Chinese players.Of course, unless the referee who enforces today s game is Weidenfeller s godfather Weidenfeller is obviously not stupid.If he, the main goalkeeper, is sent off five or six minutes into the game, Dortmund will be really dangerous.And if the red card is suspended, he will not be able to play for the next round of the Champions League Dortmund vs.Arsenal.Facing a team like Arsenal, Weidenfeller doesn t want to boast about himself, but he has to admit that the substitute goalkeeper is indeed not as capable as him.If Dortmund s Australian goalkeeper Langerak is allowed to play against Arsenal, it is estimated that at least three goals will be poured, even though he is 1.91 meters tall and 3 centimeters taller than himself.So after hearing Li Zihan s shout, Weidenfeller hesitated.But before he could make up his mind whether to let Li Zihan pass or gamble that the referee might not give the first red card in the first five minutes, Li Zihan had already jumped over him.

Although he was eager to save the savior, there was nothing he could do at this time.Schmelzer made a mistake in his judgment, thinking it was a direct lob from the far corner of the goal.He took off early and wanted to clear the ball with a header, but Li Zihan, who looked gentle on the surface, kicked the ball so cunningly.How the hell could it be a pass Schmelzer wanted to say that.Empty goal Podolski Podolski, who hadn t landed in the air, thought wildly, go in, go in The next moment he widened his eyes, he saw the ball leaving The goal is getting closer and closer, when the ball is about to go straight into the net.But it hit the beam, and there was a muffled sound.boom This damn ball Podolski s heart was cold and cold.Wow There were 60,000 exclamations at the scene, of which 57,000 people s exclamations revealed an unbelievable taste, and the other 3,000 people s exclamations revealed that they did not die in a catastrophe.Therefore, some news that needs to be reported first is published by the current new media, that is, the Internet, and finally copied to the newspaper when the newspaper is published.Li Zihan Chelsea will win and Torres will score. that s the title.Torres didn t know about it because he and his teammates had already emerged from the locker room to kick off when the report came out.At this IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies time, there is no time or opportunity to look at the computer or mobile phone, and the Chelsea staff are all preparing for the game, so how can they pay attention to the news on the Internet Even if they watch it, they have to wait until the game is over In this game, Mourinho arranged for Torres to start on the front line, with Demba Ba and veteran Samuel Eto cloud n9ne cbd gummies o sitting on the bench.And Juan Mata still hasn t won the starting qualification, and he doesn t know if he can come off the bench in the second half.Suarez started to run up, but Gerrard stood still.Suarez was the first to reach the ball He didn t give the ball to Gerrard behind him, and Gerrard didn t mean to go up and take the penalty.Suarez directly kicked the ball out, and the ball flew towards Arsenal s goal like a shell Goal.Koscielny, who lined up against the wall, felt that the ball was too powerful.He probably had to call an ambulance when he hit him.Seeing Koscielny s movements, he knew that he was going to give up the ball, and he also judged the trajectory of the ball.He quickly reached the predicted position, then directly hugged the menacing ball in his arms, and finally lay down on the ground with the ball Press firmly under his body to avoid accidents when the ball is dropped.Suarez The ball was played with quality, and Gerrard has the leadership qualities of a captain.Suarez stepped aside and picked the veteran Rosicky, give it to Flanagan Flanagan breaks through the white cbd gummies 3000mg jar party pack justcbd line, encounters Gibbs, the ball hits the middle, Henderson breaks through the middle and is blocked.Wide transfer, hand it over to Sissoko, Sissoko passes the ball To Sturridge, come up Sania.Sturridge can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for back pain relief wants to single out No Pass the ball back to Gerrard.Gerrard will come back immediately, two to one cooperation Sani Ya FoulThe referee also whistled.It seems that this foul is inevitable.Sania is explaining to the referee, saying that he did not mean it.In fact, it cloud n9ne cbd gummies is not necessary, everyone We all know that this is a tactical foul, Sania pulled the opponent s jersey, passed the ball, but left the man behind.Obviously Sagna has rich experience and knows that it is dangerous to put the ball on Sturridge.Arsenal must stand up and work harder, and hope not to be eliminated in other competitions, etc These words sound familiar to Li Zihan, but after thinking about it, don t the coaches of the cbd gummies for back pain relief green otter cbd gummies scam Chinese team always talk like this when they lose Mourinho on the side listening to this is also A little speechless, he left the press conference early and didn t want to stay for a moment.Regarding the loss of this game, the Arsenal players still maintained an objective attitude and were not much frustrated.First of all, the League Cup is really tasteless.Although Arsenal have not won the championship for many years, when faced with the opportunity to compete for other more outstanding championships, they are not willing to go all out because of such a tasteless event that can win the championship And the recent schedule also makes them feel very tired.Even those wealthy clubs who are not short of money cannot deny that the Champions League is a huge cake.But obviously, only those who walk farther can get enough cakes.Going to the last few teams, UEFA s share bonus is tens of millions, not to mention other additional income and sponsorship fees.Thirty two teams from cbd apple cider vinegar gummies different European leagues were divided into eight groups, of which only half could advance to the next round.In Group A, the Red Devils Manchester United won four wins, two draws and accumulated 14 points to qualify as the first place in the group, followed by Bundesliga powerhouse Bayer Leverkusen with three wins, one draw, two losses and 10 points.Last season, they were assigned to a group with Juventus and Chelsea to complete the dark horse move.The Ukrainian giants Shakhtar Donetsk, who won the first place in the group, failed this season.Manchester City s excellent firepower this season has made fans enjoy it very much.Not only can they kill some mid lower teams cloud n9ne cbd gummies in the Premier League by a big score, but they can also kill traditional giants in the cloud n9ne cbd gummies Premier League by a big score, such as Manchester United before and Arsenal now and The Arsenal fans who came to the away game lost their voices collectively, and some young fans even started crying.It was a holiday, and Alan Martin Lee, who came to the away game to cheer for the team, wiped away the tears falling down his cheeks with the Arsenal themed scarf on his shoulders.I saw that he was indeed crying.Li Zihan tightly clenched his fists, he felt very aggrieved, several times he couldn t help but wanted to recommend himself, and asked Professor Wenger to replace him on the stage.Since then, Arsenal fans don t have to bow their heads when facing this record.They can proudly tell everyone that this record is still maintained It s their shooter man Three minutes and ten seconds Three minutes and ten seconds It only took Li Zihan three minutes and ten seconds to break the record for the fastest hat trick in the Premier League held by the legendary British star Robbie Fowler for nearly two decades Uncle Zhan Jun is worthy of being the encyclopedia of the Premier League, with all kinds of records at his fingertips.This hat trick must be ranked among the top ten fastest hat tricks in world football This is really a great game.On November 28, 1964, in the match between Ross County and Nunn County, Tommy Ross, who was only 18 years old, scored three times in a row within 90 seconds.

So many fans watched the game wearing his jersey.The reason why Li Zihan couldn t find his No.12 jersey easily was because he cloud n9ne cbd gummies was impatient.As the saying goesyou can t eat hot tofu in a hurry.Li Zihan put the jersey on his body in one piece, then bent down and picked up the two jerseys on the ground and threw them into the stands.Li IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies Zihan wants to throw the jersey on the stands and return it to the fans.After all, many fans are still shirtless.Four official positions.Before looking for the fourth official, Li Zihan told the stadium staff about the fans jerseys, hoping that they could help him return the jerseys to the fans.This is the Etihad, and most of the staff on site are Manchester City fans.Although he was very upset with his opponent, the staff was still moved by the Arsenal fans at this time.But this ball did not go directly to the goal, at the front of the small penalty area The position began to fall.Kompany was a little unprepared, and was suppressed by Modesat when he took off.The German iron guard also grabbed the ball.Without any other extra movements, he flicked his head and attacked directly.door.Merdesart The lion shook his head, the ball was useless Joe Hart originally thought that Li Zihan would shoot directly.As an excellent goalkeeper, of course, he would pay attention to the way the opponent s most threatening players score goals and their habits when preparing for the game.Action.But I didn t expect that Li Zihan, who has always shot free kicks, didn t follow the script this time.Instead, he made a free kick with his teammates unexpectedly.But Joe Hart is not an ordinary goalkeeper.For a while, they couldn t go to the side to defend Kolarov s position.Let Cazorla s drive with the ball be cbd gummies for back pain relief green otter cbd gummies scam very efficient.Arsenal is coming Kolarov s risky approach gave Arsenal a chance on the wing.Cazorla and Sagna cooperated very well and successfully left Kolarov behind.Yaya Toure and Fernandinho in the middle are still unable to pass, and David Silva or Nasri, who should have helped defend the position in front of Kolarov, are still near the center line , They failed to come back when their attack was fruitless.In the end, Kompany chose to block the opponent s attack from the side.When he left his position, he faced his partner Demichelis and Fernand in front of him.Dinho made a gesture to signal himself to go over, and then Fernandinho, the midfielder, came to fill his position.Cazorla, who dribbled the ball from the right side of Arsenal, originally thought that no one was coming, so he planned to go directly to the bottom and make a pass from the bottom, because he had already seen Podolski and Li Zihan switch positions in the middle.Riding east of the game, Arsenal held a press conference the following day in the media reception room at Colney s training ground.Before the press conference, Wenger also accepted a brief interview.Wenger said Lee is an excellent player, his talent is very high.But this is talent after all.To change from a good player to a great player, he must go through rigorous training and more games.So you the media don t flatter him all day long, it s not good for him, it s not a compliment but a murder .Wenger left the interview with a straight face His reporter shots.Wenger s statement is very simple, to the effect You don t have to go to Lee s trouble all mayin bialik cbd gummies day long, he needs a fair and quiet environment to grow up, if such an excellent player finally becomes an ordinary player because of your relationship, Then you are murderers.When the league reached the seventeenth round, Arsenal encountered a London derby, which can be regarded canna organics cbd gummies joe rogan as a red and blue battle.Arsenal ushered in the Blues Chelsea at their home court.The former Chelsea Arsenal never thought it would be their opponent, and then after the Russian billionaire Abramovich moved in, the situation was different.Since then, the Jagged Blues have become a Premier League giant and a strong contender for the championship.Even in the whole of Europe, not many teams can retreat from their tiger s mouth.Especially when Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge, the combination of the Portuguese and the Russian made the Premier League s powerhouses feel unspeakable.So for Arsenal, this is also a game that cannot be lost.Because once you lose, it means that you have to give up the leader s throne.The offensive and defensive transitions between the two sides are very fast Li Zihan saw Podol when John Terry leaned on his back and turned his back to the attacking direction Ski pass.Instead of catching the ball hard, he simply leaned back and put the weight of his entire body on Terry.Terry was depressed and couldn cbd gummies for back pain relief t figure it out.He knows that physical confrontation is Li Zihan s weakness, but why does he use his weakness to fight against himself Although he is not young, but he has played as a Premier League central defender for so many years, but he can t do it like you, a skinny monkey Premier League rookie.Terry hasn t figured it out yet, but Li Zihan has already made a move.Leaning on Terry s body, he gave way to the ball that was rolling towards him.Terry thought it was Li Zihan who was about to give up the ball, so he half turned and threw it away to catch the ball.The hands are behind the back to prevent the opponent s hand from hitting the ball and forming a handball.Then he half bent down and stared at Chamberlain s footsteps, trying to find the opponent s flaws.Chamberlain immediately faked his feet, and made a strong move to the inside.Coloccini immediately stretched out his foot to poke the ball.Chamberlain quickly buckled the ball back, and then went directly to the sideline to the end.Chamberlain Get down, let s see how to deal with it Coloccini, who is already 31 years old, is no match for the young Chamberlain who is good at speed in terms of instant burst of speed and strength.After the past, it will be difficult for the veteran to catch up again.And this position in the penalty area, if there is a foul, there will be no good fruit.Coloccini flicked his long and flowing hair, while secretly scolding Chamberlain for not having a noble character of respecting the old and loving the young Chamberlain took the shamelessness of bullying the elderly to a particularly shameless level, and quickly came to the bottom line without giving Coloccini a chance to chase back.Chapter 381 Hanniang Talk Show 2Chapter 381 Hanniang Talk Show 2 Oh my god, it just sucks I really don t want to complain, but I don t complain What the hell is the weather in London The sun was shining brightly when I went out in the morning, but after walking half a street, it immediately became cloudy, followed by light cloud n9ne cbd gummies rain.Thinking that it would only take a while for a shower like this in my hometown, and then I went shopping in the mall, but an hour later, it was still raining.I went to the coffee shop for another cup of coffee.Anyway, I had nothing to do and planned to enjoy the rain scene in London.As a result, the rain stopped before my coffee was served.What the fuck is this weather.The other thing is that London s weather and sports newspaper has never been approved, Nima, all kinds of cheating So I would like to remind all friends who plan to visit London to go out no matter how good the weather is, you must prepare an umbrella.

Chamberlain knocked back, handed the ball to Gibbs who came up from the heel, and then rushed forward quickly.After Gibbs got the ball, he didn t give it to Chamberlain to play a match immediately, but chose to transfer it in a wide range, and sent the ball from the left to the right with one kick.Cazorla natures only cbd gummies stop smoking didn t go forward very much, and only after seeing Gibbs transfer of the ball did he suddenly start to catch up with him.Then he pretended to break through and directly eat the opponent s left back, but after stepping on two bicycles, Cazorla unexpectedly chose to hand the ball to Ramsey who pulled the side to support him.Ramsey took the ball and gave the ball directly to Li Zihan without delay.Li Zihan followed the rolling route of the ball and made a deceptive move of rushing past the central defender Senderos in front of him.And Manchester City s five to one victory over Tottenham and olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies Liverpool s four to zero mad Toffee Everton at Anfield, these two news made Arsenal a little discouraged.Because can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies for back pain relief Everton is not weak this season.On the contrary, under the leadership of Martinez this season, they are almost rushing to qualify for the Champions League.And Arsenal also hope that the powerful Everton can delay Liverpool s pursuit of themselves this round.They did not expect that the toffee would be so chewy and crunchy that it would be bitten into four quarters.I didn t expect that it would be fine if Everton failed to help , but I was hit with a sap by Southampton Forget about Tottenham, cloud n9ne cbd gummies if we talk about Manchester United and Tottenham this season, we might as well talk about Everton and Southampton.At the press conference after the game, Wenger expressed regret that he failed to win a game.As everyone knows, this scene of Wenger was once again captured by the camera.Ohit appeared again.Wenger was once again cheated by hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 games his down jacket.Barcelona s referees, Real Madrid s economy, Juventus phone calls, and the professor s zipper were described by netizens as The five unsolved mysteries of world football and today, while we witnessed a wonderful game, we also once again witnessed one of the five unsolved mysteries The professor can t zip up, and now this scene is also It has become a symbol of Arsenal and even the Premier League.Sometimes I have to think about whether the design and production of this IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies clothes, Nike did it on purpose What a good advertisement, although the quality is hard to say, but at least it captured a lot eyeballs.Uncle Zhan Jun said.On the contrary, Rogers, after Suarez scored, he jumped up excitedly on the sidelines and waved his fist vigorously.With Li Zihan scoring goals like a simple striker, his role is only a half of the main rotation and the existence of rich tactics.But this role is not impossible without him.The young high center forward Sanogo off the field and the Danish Bendtner, who has not been able to play for a long time, are also competent.Giroud didn t want to leave Arsenal, so he willingly accepted Wenger s arrangement for him.The former main striker of Arsenal has now become Li Zihan s rotation and a frontcourt engineer.Li Zihan didn t expect his teammates to give him the ball, although he really wanted to stand on the ball and score the ball.But he knows his own affairs, and he is really not very good at football.If the team leads by a big score at this time, he doesn t mind trying the ball in the official game, but now at the critical moment, Arsenal needs this goal.Instead, he said Football games should go all out for every game, no matter how difficult the road ahead is.Otherwise, it is disrespect to the opponent and disrespect to the fans Although there was no positive response, the media responded after processing Wenger s words.But since then, Wenger has not been interviewed in front of the media.On the night of February 16th, although There is no snow in the sky, but it is still covered with dark clouds, as if a heavy rain can come at any time.Naturally, the stars in the night sky cannot be seen in this kind of weather.Of course, if you want to live in an international metropolis like London Seeing the stars is much more difficult than seeing the big stars.When the media got the starting lists of both sides before the game, they couldn t help being surprised, and the glasses of the glasses were all broken.After seeing the right time, Little Pig handed the ball to Toni Kroos who retreated back to meet can you drink alcohol after taking cbd gummies him, and then advanced himself.The professor was obviously dissatisfied with Ozil s performance.He stood on the sidelines and yelled at Ozil, and then kept making gestures Wenger had done a full understanding before the match against Bayern.Through a lot of video analysis, he found a way to break Bayern s offensive system with a relatively high probability of success.That is to make the opponent speed up the rhythm and frequency of passing the ball through crazy full court pressing.In this way, their passing will not have much thoughtfulness.Bayern should pass the ball without thinking, and pass the ball when they see the pressing.In this way, the opponent s chance of making mistakes can be increased, and if Arsenal can catch one of these mistakes, then with Li Zihan s ability to seize the opportunity, it is very likely to be a goal So I am a little dissatisfied with Ozil s inactive behavior professor Li Zihan came over and patted Ozil on the shoulder, he knew him well.He is also at the golden age of 26.So by He must be better at defending Li Zihan than Thiago.The most important thing is that Thiago has just received a yellow card, and Li Zihan is trying to take advantage of the opponent s fear.Guardiola Using this method to whitewash the yellow card cloud n9ne cbd gummies at the defensive midfielder position, and this guy who came cloud n9ne cbd gummies up is even more difficult.Uncle Zhan Jun frowned, obviously worried about Li Zihan s next game.Originally Guardiola thought it would be easy to advance to the next round, so he chose to let Thiago start in this game to give his beloved apprentice a chance to exercise.But he didn t expect Arsenal to break out and beat Bayern He was pushed to the top, so cloud n9ne cbd gummies Guardiola had to replace Martinez with a stronger strength.In this position of the midfielder, apart from the vice captain Little Pig Schweinsteiger, Harvey Martinez is Bayern Munich s first choice and one of the main players.Push the ball straight out.Ozil nearby received the ball.At this time, Ramirez rushed out of the penalty area, and Azpilicueta s foot blocking the ball was still in the air.He almost entered a short unguarded status.As one of the top playmakers on the planet, Ozil certainly cannot waste such a good opportunity.Facing a goal almost parallel to his own, Ozil passed the ball directly.The arc of the ball is very beautiful, directly passing the headers holistic health cbd gummies reviews of Ramirez and Lampard.Giroud pushed and pushed Cahill near the small penalty area, trying to overwhelm the opponent to take off again.And Wilshere decisively did not lie in the shadows at this time.He pressed forward like Giroud, forming an oppression on the opponent s defense, while Ramsey was in the arc of the cloud n9ne cbd gummies penalty area and was ready to respond to the second.

In fact he can see clearly, he is behind Li Zihan, his sight is blocked by Li Zihan, of course he didn t see Matic s foul.After the slow motion playback, we can clearly see that Matic is an obvious foul, but we don t know whether he stepped on Li s foot intentionally or unintentionally.Hull House said, Zhan Jun said This It s the Premier League, maybe Matic did it unintentionally, and no one would believe it if he said it, because this is the Premier League Marina pointed to Li Zihan s eyes, indicating that he could see clearly, as for you Ramirez, did you see it It has nothing to do with me.The referee separated Ramires, then pointed to the place where Matic had fouled and gave Arsenal a free kick, and showed Matic a yellow card.Obviously this yellow card is to remind the Chelsea players, anyway, you already have such a big advantage, so don t make too much defensive action, so as not to embarrass everyone in the remaining ten minutes.But because Cahill s treatment wasted a lot of time, Marina finally gave a six minute stoppage time.When the fourth official was how many mg in a cbd gummie bear seen holding up the led display board with the Arabic numeral six, Stamford Bridge exploded.Obviously they think that such a long stoppage time is completely unscientific Boos and abuse filled the entire stadium, of course, they were all directed at the referee Marina.The British broadcaster is also very interesting.At this time, he immediately gave the referee Marina a close up.Ever since, the ready made boos became even louder.Fortunately, the FA and the police have cracked down on football hooligans very hard in the past few years.Otherwise, there is really no guarantee that Chelsea fans will not remove their seats and throw them at Marina.Marina is not pleasing to both sides today.Weber used this It has to be said that the effect is not bad.Fellaini and Li Zihan smiled and said a few words to each other, and returned to their positions under the leadership of their respective captains.Facts I don t know what happened, but at the very least it seems that the two are getting along well.The Arsenal fans who came to the away game cloud n9ne cbd gummies to cheer for the team booed them, and they went to the referee Webber They think they should give the opponent a red card, after all, the opponent s provocative actions are already obvious.The Manchester United fans are silent, because they feel their faces are hot losing and losing at their own home court Webber Temporarily controlled the situation, at least from the screen it seems to be.I just don t know if there will be any accidents in the next game, you must know that this is Manchester United and Arsenal, one of the two major rivals in the Premier League Li Zihan shrugged indifferently, this shot happened to be captured The camera captured it.Damn, these brickmen are really full and have nothing to do.What s there to analyze In a word, he was fired because of his poor performance in leading the team If Moyes team can pose a threat to the league title and have a chance to win the Champions League, even if they lose to Arsenal by such a large score at home, they will not be fired.Manchester United and the Red Devils fans should give David Moyes more time and patience.We all know that every coach does nothing in the first season after changing a team.What s more, Manchester United is now in a period of blood change , there are a lot of veterans in the team Forgive me for saying this, after all, this is football, and few veterans can end up in such a giant.After all, not everyone is Giggs and Scholes.So they should give David some more time to show his fists.Before the game, the media hyped up some data, such as Real Madrid and Arsenal in history Na has encountered a total of several times, namely several wins, draws and losses.Then there is the number of wins, draws and losses between Real Madrid s head star Cristiano Ronaldo and Arsenal, and then the statistics of Gareth Bale s encounter with Arsenal in the Premier League, and finally Real Madrid s encounter with the Premier League The team s data, as well as the data of Arsenal s encounter with La Liga teams All in all, in Li Zihan s words, the eighteen generations of ancestors have been read over and over by those reporters.Li Zihan, who attended the pre match press conference with Wenger, faced the reporter s question and said Is the encounter between Arsenal and Real Madrid the upper hand Sorry, I am not interested in those old calendars.But if Li Zihan plays, Arsenal fans still have hope and expectation, because judging from the situation of Arsenal this season, such a situation is just the prelude to Li Zihan s performance, although his current state seems to benot very good.But dreams are still necessary, what if they come true by accident Zhan Jun cheered up his compatriots But yes, judging from Arsenal s current lineup, they really cbd cannabis gummies amazon prime can only count on Li Zihan to play well In the first half, Real Madrid at home kicked off, so in the second half it was naturally the visiting team Arsenal came to kick off.Li Zihan gave the ball to Giroud, and then he left the center circle and ran towards Real IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies Madrid s backcourt.Giroud immediately knocked back to Ozil who was responding, and he followed Li Zihan s pace.There s nothing wrong with that, it s how 95 percent of teams tee off.Arsenal are playing, and Real Madrid are pressing all the way When the game came to the 60th minute, Ancelotti felt that this could not go on.This is not Real Madrid s style, of course, is that the opponent s pressing is too hard.Many people say that Arsenal lacks the iron blooded temperament of Chelsea, and they tend to be timid when facing the opponent s frontcourt pressing high and pressing.But Today, Arsenal used the tactics that many small and medium teams used against them to use against Real Madrid Looking at the arm, Ancelotti felt that the time was almost up, and Arsenal s morale on the pitch had also dropped a bit at the moment.So the fat old Italian man stood on the sidelines, whistled, and then waved his hand.Real Madrid s attack begins.Benzema began decisively deep into Arsenal s second half, ready to respond, Cristiano Ronaldo dribbled the ball from the sideline, Di Maria and Bale switched positions, the Argentine wing went to the right, and Bale came to the center.He s unstoppable What can stop him from scoring goals No defenders, no goalkeepers, not even fouls and goalposts Before the game we thought Arsenal were almost out of the final.In the case of a 2 0 defeat at home, in the famous Bernab u Stadium, Real Madrid s home court, it is impossible for the Gunners to have any hope of turning around.The situation in the first half is also the same as our guess, but In the second half, things turned around.With Li Zihan scoring twice within 20 minutes, Arsenal actually led Real Madrid 2 0 at the Bernabeu The total score was two to two, tying Real Madrid on the total score, and also tying Real Madrid on away goals Now the pressure is entirely on Real Madrid s side, because they are playing at home.If Arsenal score another goal in the next game, they must score two goals to have any hope of advancing to the final.

So at this time Ancelotti asked Real Madrid s young defender Carvajal to warm up.In fact, Real Madrid s bench is thick, and there are still many options in the defense, such as the Portuguese Coentrao, the Spaniard Arbeloa and Nacho and others.From this aspect, we can see why Real Madrid is a super giant, while Arsenal is just an ordinary giant.Regardless of the starting lineup, even the bench olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies is an absolute failure.At least on the defensive line, Arsenal s cloud n9ne cbd gummies only options now are Vermaelen and Monreal, who are unreliable and need to be talked about Real Madrid s offense became more and more fierce.After Li Zihan scored the second goal, Arsenal was almost beaten by Real Madrid.And Arsenal also began to recover across the board, defending Real Madrid s counterattack.Leave Li Zihan to fight back.The line cbd gummies 2019 referee immediately raised the flag and pointed it at Real Madrid.The second half Arsenal throws a throw in The players on both sides are very hard working, and they don t even make it easy for the opponent to throw a throw in Marcelo shook his head with a smile, and began to retreat towards the backcourt.But when IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies he saw Sagna standing on the sidelines with the ball ready to throw it to Ozil, he immediately rushed up to block Ozil.He intends to entangle with the opponent on this throw in, and learn from the previous Arsenal, and do the same.But Sagna obviously does not want to have too many emotional entanglements with him, Sagna pointed at Ozil Pointing, motioned him to move away from Marcelo s interference, and then passed the ball to him.Ozil moved according to Sagna s intention, and Marcelo followed closely.It seems that Real Madrid s pursuit of Li Zihan buy cbd gummies maryland is not groundless At this time, many TV stations and media also used technical means to completely restore the scene of Li Zihan s fall at 360 degrees without dead ends.In the TV screen, after Li Zihan went out, he raised cloud n9ne cbd gummies his right foot to avoid Casillas, but he didn t notice that the shoelace of his right foot was untied, and was stepped on by his left foot, and finally his foot was crushed.The tripper fell directly towards the turf, and at this time Casillas hand also arrived, but his hand did not rush to Li Zihan.His hand was still about one centimeter away from Li Zihan s feet, but Li Zihan had already First, the center of gravity was unstable, and I tilted myself.Therefore, this ball was really not a foul by Casillas, but Li Zihan himself did not notice it.In the multimedia conference room of the training base, what appeared on the screen were these bricks and beasts and the analysis of Atletico Madrid s situation by major European media.The coaching staff led by Wenger is watching these analyzes and combining the observation reports sent back by the team in Spain.Assistant coach Steve Boulder expressed his opinion after reading the information in his hand It seems that the terrifying cbd gummies for back pain relief green otter cbd gummies scam monster was really injured, and it is being talked about all over Europe.Everyone is talking about the nose and the eyes, even The media also obtained interviews with the doctors at the Madrid hospital, and our scouts in Madrid also said that they have not seen Diego Costa appear in the team s daily training for three days.Everyone knows what Boulder said Who is the World of Warcraft It is the terrifying striker of Atletico Madrid. Beautiful Very imaginative crotch piercing man, so flexible, three people can t stand him From Thiago and Juan Fran Li Zihan, who passed through the gap, received the ball behind the two of them and entered the penalty area.As the team captain Diego Godin reacted immediately, the experienced Uruguayan central defender blocked Li Zihan s angle cloud n9ne cbd gummies with his body, thus preventing the opponent from taking a shot in the first place.Godin still has some understanding of Li Zihan s shooting skills.As the current leader in the Champions League scorer list, Li Zihan is proud of the crowd with 15 goals.At the same time, the opponent is also the top scorer in the Premier League with 35 goals.The number of goals also broke the record of the top scorer in a single cloud n9ne cbd gummies season in the Premier League with only 34 goals.The latter was faster than him, and he didn t need to turn around But if you royal cbd gummies for anxiety don t chase back, you will collide with Diego Costa.If the opponent does not have the ball, the referee will show you a second yellow card.Rizzoli in Serie A is definitely better than the Premier League.The head referee of the team should be stricter, especially when it comes to physical contact.Diego Costa It s a pass Although the turning speed of k6 is not very slow, it will definitely not be fast At least it is not Diego Costa s opponent Just in Cos When Czerny was in a dilemma, Koscielny saw Flamini behind Diego Costa trying to catch up.At the same time, the fellow from France was still gesturing to himself Koscielny understood in an instant, and immediately stopped, pretending to turn around inadvertently to chase the ball.Gabi and Thiago returned to the penalty area to help defend.Atl tico Madrid is now using a bus tactic.It seems that they want to directly bring the score of 1 to 1 into the intermission, and see if the coach will have any special arrangements in the second half.This game is very advantageous for Arsenal.They have the greatest possibility of winning the UEFA Champions League this season.Because they cloud n9ne cbd gummies are finally ushering in their dream shooter after Van Persie, who is also a German genius.A technical midfielder like Zier, Cazorla and Ramsey are both in excellent form.On the other hand, Atletico Madrid s main central defender Miranda is no longer in form and has been replaced.At the same time, the striker Diego Costa also played with an injury. To be honest, Diego Costa is very important to Atletico Madrid now, just like Li Zihan in Arsenal, he scored most of the goals.Turan Ramsey and Sagna didn t keep up with the speed, and the Turk got the chance to cross The French central defender Koscielny, who was pulled over from the middle, looked at the football in the air and immediately took off.There was an obvious mistake in judging the height and fall of the football.After taking off, I realized that the football was higher than my head I couldn reserve cbd thc gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies t reach it Koscielny is taking a risk A reckless French central defender.Arsenal has no reliable central defender.Modesart is not bad, but he is not stable enough, and occasionally makes low level mistakes After sending the ball gift, Koscielny isn t idle anymore, Mortensen quipped.The football went through Koscielny s black hair and not through his hands cloud n9ne cbd gummies cbd gummies near by Mordsart was shaken by Koscielny.He thought his partner would be able to come down, but he didn t expect this trick, and he was digging a hole again After jumping hastily, I realized that the Spanish center Villa in front of me had already taken off, and the goal was very clear, which was Turan s pass In the air, the German iron guard knew that he could not compete with the well prepared Gourd Baby , so he pushed the opponent with his arm in a hidden place.

Like his predecessor Henry.After Lee joins, he will form a new trident in the frontcourt with Messi and Neymar.We have reason to believe that this new trident will dominate the entire Europa According to people familiar with the matter, Barcelona is Li A transfer fee of 80 million euros has been prepared, which will be a huge sum of money.Of course, if the Arsenal Lions open their mouths, Barcelona will start a backup plan, which is to introduce Uruguayan striker Suarez, who is also in hot form At the same time, the Daily Mail also said Chelsea has raised its hoe and is preparing to poach the corner of the rival Arsenal in the same city.Mourinho is very optimistic about Li Zihan s performance.There is news Said that the Portuguese has reached an agreement with his boss, Russian financial oligarch Abramovich, and Abramovich will fully support and facilitate this transfer transaction.Men are the most jealous of people saying that he is not good enough, especially Li Zihan, an athlete who is so energetic that cbd distilleries gummies he rarely gets a womanizer nearly once in a season.After watching Baggio and other uncles, Li Zihan took everyone to Florence to feel the charm of this ancient Renaissance city.In this city of flowers, cloud n9ne cbd gummies cbd gummies near by Li Zihan found a small seaside town and planned to rest here for two days.This season is exhausting enough.Think about it, in a small town like this.Listening to the undulating waves and the sound of seagulls, feeling the caress of the breeze, the sun is bright but not too hot, the surrounding flower vines surround the ancient stone road and stone wall, how pleasant it is.Especially with such beauties as Susan and Yiyi by my side, umit would be even better if this brat, Su Su, went back to school.Increase your annual advertising sponsorship income, of course, after they increase the sponsorship funds, they have the right to cloud n9ne cbd gummies increase the contract period You led Arsenal to the famous Champions League last month, and before that, you also won the FA Cup , With your performance in the Champions League, you can propose to renegotiate the contract.The heads of the star business departments of Puma and Red Bull have already called me and said that they can renegotiate the contract this summer.With you and the two companies olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies You can definitely get the funds for the first season of the new contract immediately after signing the contract.Susan s words made Li Zihan s eyes light up again, and he immediately thought of another bold idea.But these still need to be further manipulated.Li Zihan, who thinks about China s national conditions, has a headache.4 million pounds a year.China s mobile electronics giant Huawei Group and Li can cbd gummies help with tooth pain Zihan There is a contract of 800,000 pounds, Red Bull also has 800,000 pounds.At the same time, Procter Gamble and Jaguar Land Rover also have annual contracts of 1.6 million pounds and 1.2 million pounds.The total income from 2013 to 2014 was more than 11 million pounds, equivalent to about 13 million U.S.dollars.The above does not include club bonuses and other small business endorsements.Such data came out After that, everyone had an intuitive understanding of Li Zihan s income this season, but this statistic also shocked many people.Among them, Li Zihan s annual salary is only more than 4 million pounds, which condor cbd gummies tinnitus is less than 5 million US dollars.This doesn t match Li Zihan s performance and role in Arsenal at all.Before this contract was not renewed, the sponsorship fee given to him by Puma was 200.Four hundred thousand pounds.This price is not too high among football stars, but it is almost super high among young players.When Nike signed with Cristiano Ronaldo, the endorsement fee for the Portuguese was five million pounds a year, but at that time cloud n9ne cbd gummies Cristiano Ronaldo was already a very famous player, and he was the absolute core of Manchester United , and the young man has a broad space for development.Even Ferguson is full of praise for him.At the same time, he also created the treble with Manchester United.Therefore, although the sponsorship fee of 5 million euros is expensive, it is definitely worth it.After Li Zihan won a Serie A title at Juventus and moved to Arsenal, he didn t have many collective honors, except for a Serie A Oscar for Best Newcomer and the European Golden Boy Award.After many years, Yao Xia, who had become one of the great contributors to Sichuan football and Chinese football at that time, said the following passage to the reporters dumbfounded when recalling the situation at that time.Don t look at Li Zihan who is young and looks shy and introverted.In fact, he is very sophisticated.At the beginning, I just got into his boat after a few words from him.No matter what, Yao Xia finally agreed to help Li Zihan, of course, the biggest reason for this is his love for football and his regret for the football career in his hometown.Li Zihan knew that to realize the plan in his heart, he and Yao Xia alone could not do it.So he told Yao Xia that he wanted more people to participate, especially those Sichuan football celebrities back then.Of course, it would be even better if the players from the old Quanxing team were back then.aunt.Furthermore, going to visit and help a rival in love, doesn t it show that one has a broad mind After leaving Chengdu for a while, Li Zihan and Yiyi went to Wenzhou, Zhejiang together.After coming to Wenzhou, Li Zihan completely understood the saying ten Wenzhou people, nine are rich .Of course, this is also on the premise that she looks good with Li Zihan and does not have those bad habits that are devoted to Susan.This made Yiyi very jealous, and said Hey, am I your own Why do I feel like I was given away for phone bills This caused Yiyi s mother to roll her eyes If you find someone Such a good boyfriend, your dad and I will treat him so well.Yiyi said helplessly Emotions are nothing to do with me.Li Zihan wiped his sweat secretly beside him, it seemed that his uncle and aunt didn t know Yiyi yet.But this gave the Dutch team a greater chance.In the 80th minute, Robben dribbled the ball into the right rib of the goal.After a crosscut, he volleyed with his left foot from twelve yards and gap.I can t blame Casillas for the goal.Pique and Ramos didn t defend it.In fact, Spain s defense really pitted Casillas in this game and took the fourth goal lost.Said that Pique saw that Van Persie s distance was so dangerous and chose to pass back 5 to 1 The Dutch team sealed the victory and opened a very good start for their World Cup journey.As for the defending champion Spain, this is a nightmare for them.It s just that they need to quickly forget this nightmare, because there is still a game waiting for them.Although they lost this game, they still have a very high hope of qualifying.

Among them, Vidal and Pogba, the two most eye catching midfielders in the Juventus camp, have naturally become the focus of many giants.Vidal is in his prime, and his statistics in Juventus are very prominent, and He can attack and retreat, and the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and the Premier League giants Manchester United are all interested in him, and even Real Madrid.As for Pogba, this talented young midfielder wants to acquire more teams, and his young worth is much lower than that of Vidal, and it is precisely because of his youth that he can cloud n9ne cbd gummies develop and look forward to.The space is also large.Among them, Manchester United, who had let him go, was very interested in him.If Ferguson could give him more opportunities to play in the first team, maybe he would not have left Manchester United.Harry Kane passed the football to Li Zihan next to him after the referee blew the whistle.Li Zihan did not pass the football back, he saw Juventus position before.After he got the ball, he started to speed up directly, and then rushed towards Juventus half court.Ozil and Pogba cloud n9ne cbd gummies behind them seemed to have heard the soldiers of the charge, and rushed forward following Li Zihan s back even though Li Zihan s actions surprised them.Li Zihan dribbled past Tevez and Llorente without attracting their attention.The two center forwards believed that it was impossible for Li Zihan to break through Juventus powerful midfield interception, so they ignored Li Zihan and ran forward by themselves.In the thinking of Tevez and Llorente, Li Zihan s personal dribbling will definitely be cut off by his cloud n9ne cbd gummies teammates, and then relying on Pirlo s pass or Marchisio and Lexi Steiner and Argentine on both sides Samoah s dribbling was able to respond to the opponent with a quick counterattack like in the first half.But when he took a closer look, he was stunned, because there was no football under Li Zihan s feet, no football What s happening here Where is football Bonucci hesitated for a moment.If the opponent is without the ball and the opponent is attacking at the front of the penalty area, if he accidentally brings down the opponent s player, will the referee show a red card Because the nature of bringing down the opponent s player without the ball is relatively bad, and it gives the referee the feeling that he is rushing towards people.So Bonucci simply ignored Li Zihan for the time being, since he didn t have football anyway.So Bonucci started looking for the football, and soon he saw it.In Li Zihan s position before, Pogba who came in later had already got the football, and he directly swung his thigh to prepare for a long shot.He immediately rushed to the line between the olly cbd gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies football and the goal, trying to use his height advantage to block Pogba s long range shot.You idiot, don t use too much force.Chiellini prayed secretly in his heart.Pogba, who was still in Juventus, blasted the opponent s midfielder into the hospital with a long range shot in a match against a team in Serie B in the Coppa Italia.Of course, Pogba didn t do it on purpose at the time, but the opponent s midfielder sacrificed his life to block the machine gun.Pray, before Pogba s thigh was about to touch the football, it suddenly lost most of its strength.But Pogba didn t unload his weight to shoot, but to pass the ball Pogba picked the football off the ground and it flew over Bonucci s head.Li Zihan, who was behind Bonucci, lifted the ball and unloaded it.Being defeated in his strongest field, Allegri was a little unwilling.Juventus fans saw Li Zihan and Pogba wearing Arsenal jerseys now, and their eyes were very complicated.The score was three to one, and Arsenal won the first Champions League game of the season very easily.n top n n small n said, Li Zihan scored twice, and Juventus teenager Morata scored a goal in the 87th minute of the game.The Belgian referee gave five minutes of stoppage time in a very humane way Juventus is in high spirits.Although Morata s goal came a bit reserve cbd thc gummies cloud n9ne cbd gummies late, there are still seven or eight minutes left, and Juventus still has a chance to get a draw.Morata s goal gave Juventus a lot of momentum, but Arsenal were very dissatisfied.Wenger went up to reason with the fourth official.He believed that the five minutes of injury time given by the referee was too much.Yes, that s him Li Zihan Can he once again stage a miracle to lead the team out of the tight encirclement We all don t know, the world of football is unknown, maybe we can or we can t.But for Li Zihan, who is only 19 years old, he has already had a very successful season.He is the team s top scorer in the league and the Champions League.Uruguayan striker Suarez, and on the big stage of the Champions League, his number of goals is only one more IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies than Cristiano Ronaldo Uncle Zhan Jun has already started to leave cloud n9ne cbd gummies a step for Li Zihan.He knows Once the game is over, if Arsenal can t pull cloud n9ne cbd gummies Real Madrid down under such circumstances, the newspapers and media will definitely point the finger at Li Zihan.Don t look at Li Zihan s performance of scoring twice in this game, butThe media will definitely find a reason to accuse him, and never doubt this So Zhan Jun used this method to tell the fans how great Li Zihan was cbd gummies for back pain relief green otter cbd gummies scam this season.Less than a minute after kick off, Li Zihan broke through after cloud n9ne cbd gummies a feint, but was brought down by two defenders.The referee gave Arsenal a free kick in the frontcourt.After seeing this penalty, Chinese fans eyes lit up really Li Zihan took a free kick, crossed the Paraguayan do cbd gummies show up in drug test wall, and finally flew into the Paraguayan goal.Paraguay s lead and excitement lasted less than two minutes before being equalized by the Chinese team.The fans of the Chinese team jumped from the stands and cheered They even sang Song of Li written by Arsenal fans for Li Zihan in the stands, which is the Song of the King in the hearts of Gunners fans After scoring the goal, Li Zihan fell in love deeply.He pointed with his right hand to the most active stand, grabbed the jersey with his left hand, lowered cloud n9ne cbd gummies his head and kissed the jersey team badge, and then patted the kissed team badge.China s efforts made the Saudi Arabian team a little helpless.In the qualifiers, the Chinese team was grouped with the Saudi team.At that time, China was no threat to Saudi Arabia.It only needed to move a little Fingers can kill.And what about the previous Chinese team Just pensioners walking in the park.Thirty eight minutes into the first half of the game, the Saudi team conceded the ball again.This time it was Wang Shangyuan s breakthrough on the other side.Before that, Li Zihan and Zhang Linpeng frequently walked here to suppress each other.So the Saudi Arabian team focused most of their attention on Li Zihan s side.After Wu Lei divided the football, they discovered that the other side of the Chinese team was not easy to mess with.Wang Shangyuan cut in from the side, but did not follow the trend into the penalty area, but stopped outside the penalty area.

In the end, the result of the game was 3 1, and the Saudi team scored to save the situation at the end of the game.Everyone was a little surprised by the second substitution.Perrin replaced Li Zihan, who scored two goals and provided an assist.It was replaced by a player from the Jiangsu Sainty team, attacking midfielder Sun Ke When Li Zihan left the field, all the Chinese fans stood up and applauded him, and Li Zihan also applauded and thanked him.At the end of the game, Peilan came over deliberately and explained to Li Zihan the reason for replacing him.Li Zihan smiled and said that he didn t care.To be honest, Li Zihan is really not interested in facing these opponents in the Asian Cup.It s like playing with the college team for a long time, and suddenly one IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública cloud n9ne cbd gummies day playing with the elementary school team, Li Zihan naturally has no interest.So it is impossible for him to squeeze his core, which is not good for the players and the team The last thing is that after the game is over, it will be the match day.Li Han, who has just been selected for the Chinese team, will fly halfway around the world to China to play a friendly match where the opponent s name is unknown.In order to avoid long distance running a , Wenger had to give Li Han more time.Go to the home court of the Turkish Devils to play a game, and then return to London to play a derby against a rival, and then fly to Asia to play a friendly match.These matches are all in ten days, and then return to London Even an iron man can t bear it, so this is the biggest factor why Wenger let Li Han be a substitute.And in the end, of course, it was a surprise deployment.Wenger believed that his old rival Mourinho did not expect that he would let the absolute core Li Han rest This hateful old French man with hooked nose In the locker room of the home team on the other side, Mourinho did not curse in a gentlemanly manner.He returned to his hometown and his own team, Sichuan Quanxing Team The current Quanxing essentials cbd gummies team is already a contender for the league championship, and even one of the favorites for the championship on the stage of the AFC Champions League.Since they entered the AFC Champions League in the first year, they have never missed the quarter finals of the AFC Champions League.Another Chinese team that has never missed the quarter finals is Guangzhou Evergrande.There is no one dominant player in the current Chinese Super League.Guangzhou Evergrande, Sichuan Quanxing, Shanghai SIPG, Shenhua, Beijing Guoan and other teams compete for beauty.Of course, this is certainly related to Li Han s support for these clubs.Of course, Li Han knows a league How boring and depraved it is to be uncompetitive, the most convincing thing is the La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Serie A in those years.

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