AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Preview & Predictions (2023)

Grab yourself a pre-game beer and let me take you through the show – it is a holiday weekend right? 😉

Since it’s time once again to forensically analyze guys – and girls – fighting in tight shorts.

Three categories: star quality, match quality, build. For each we’ll assign a score out of 10. To get a total score with which to rank the matches. Star quality is within the company/to the company’s fans.

Although it’s me picking the scores, I’m trying to be impartial, this isn’t a list of my favorites. If scores are even, matches’ll then be ranked according to personal preference.

We’ll then predict the winner(s) of each contest.

Without further ado.

Orange Cassidy defends International Title against 20 men in a Black Jack Battle Royal

Star quality: 5 – Some stars, watered down by other entrants: Jay White, Juice Robinson, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Dustin Rhodes, Penta, Fenix, Kip Sabian, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, Tony Nese, Ari Daivari, Big Bill, Lee Moriarty, Bandido, Butcher, Blade, Komander,

Match quality: 2 – That might be kind. Battle royals are rarely fun as far as action goes.

Build: 1 – A well-shown story of Cassidy being worn down by an insane schedule countered by throwing a bunch of people into yet another battle royal.

Pay-per-view should separate the best from the rest. They could’ve made this a ten-man featuring the stars already in feuds.

If the announcers tell me how great Butcher is in battle royals one more time…

Overall Score: 8

It’d be complete malpractice not to have Cassidy’s reign end one-on-one to an opportunistic heel. Jay White would be perfect given the frequency of defenses and need to work with anyone.

Though perhaps they want to end the DVD with a gangbang scene?

Aaaanyway, I’m going with the Juiceman.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(I’m assuming…) House of Black vs the Acclaimed & Billy Gunn (House Rules, Trios Titles)

Star quality: 6 – The House were as over as anyone at Revolution; they’ve done nothing notable since the post-Revolution Dynamite. Essentially the same could be said of their opponents. Another worrying pattern in AEW’s booking.

Match quality: 5 – The formula for the trios titles at a ppv has been: no build+kickass match. Of the challengers, only Bowens is on that level.

Build: 0 – Another part of the formula: they announce the match a few days before the show. This time reducing it to 48 hours. On the B show.

The only actual ‘build’ being the challengers winning a bad battle royal everyone wanted the Lucha Bros & Vikingo to win. And Anthony Bowens making a ‘don’t bet on Black’ joke Friday night.

Overall Score: 11

Part of me wonders why you’d introduce House of Black Rules three weeks before they lose the belts. The other says AEW have made it clear the House aren’t a priority. And the Acclaimed are a homegrown act very popular with the younger audience.

WINNER: the Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

(Pre-show) The Hardys & Hook vs the Gunns & Ethan Page (if Matt’s team wins, he gets control of Ethan’s contract)

Star quality: 5 – So I really like Ethan Page. But he’s rarely presented seriously. And the Gunns went from a team who never appear on tv, to tag champs, to a team who never appear on tv.

Matt Hardy’s same ol’ same ol’. But all three good guys should get a friendly greeting from the Vegas faithful.

Match quality: 5 – Without the bells and whistles of a cinematic clash, there aren’t enough quality workers here to make this anything above solid. If it rises above this, Ethan Page has had himself a night.

(Video) AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Predictions

Build: 3 – Much like Hangman/Mox, it seemed this feud (Hardys/Isiah vs Ethan) had finished: there was a big gimmick match, the babyfaces clearly won – yet AEW added a couple new players and decided to keep it going.

Merely flipping whose contract was up for grabs and organizing a single attack from behind. After which Kassidy was replaced by Hook. They revealed this on Rampage, a mere 48 hours before the show, to a third of the Dynamite audience.

Overall Score: 13

Instinct says the Hardys win since they’ve made it pretty clear they want the tag belts. Though it leaves one to wonder how long they can keep this going if Ethan is indeed to become Matt’s lackey. Presumably Hook actually gets the win.

WINNER: The Hardys & Hook

Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm (Women’s Title)

Star quality: 5 – Again, that’s not a reflection on the girls, but the booking.

No-one, not a single person male, female or identification of choice has been overlooked between ppv’s like the women’s champ. AEW’s nasty habit of leaving folks off tv with no explanation has again damaged a popular act.

And presumably Hayter will remain fairly popular. But when it comes to Toni, we still don’t even know who her ballyhooed ‘four wins in five nights’ came against and in her rare televised matches she generally sneaks pins after a tidal wave of interference.

Match quality: 7 – Their clash at November’s Full Gear was very good. During last week’s promo, Toni emphasized that she’s different now. Which is both good and bad.

In that we now have a clearer heel/babyface dynamic. But she’s with the Outcasts – who pile interference on matches like manure on plants. Without the positive results.

The only reason this match doesn’t score higher.

Build: 1 – Toni injured Jamie’s shoulder. It was absolutely fine on the 3/5 Dynamite. Then it wasn’t on the 10th. Nothing happened in between.

Overall Score: 13

About a month ago, the Outcasts promised one of them would take Jamie’s title. Then hinted at some dissension around which of the three might do it. So it seems this is the direction they’ll go.

Reinforced by the heels reinjuring Hayter’s shoulder on Rampage. Providing an ‘out’.

WINNER: Toni Storm

Jade Cargill vs Taya Valkyrie (TBS Title)

Star quality: 4 – When these two appear on-screen, they win. Albeit against enhancement talent.

And while Jade’s act is tired, she still gets a decent response and looks like a star. Similarly, Taya has presence and charisma.

Then, they disappeared for weeks (drink at home).

Match quality: 4 – If done well, they could build an interesting story around Jade desperately avoiding Taya’s finish. Though Jade still needs some help in the ring. It’s unfortunate that 2+ years into her run, she’s still pretty green…

Build: 6 – … but, for the first time in that 2+ years, AEW have convinced me she might lose. I’m actually interested in this match. And that’s the art of pro wrestling (lower case, Colt!). A match doesn’t have to be 5* if the outcome is interesting.

There’s a real story here – it wasn’t executed perfectly but it was easy to understand. Jade has Taya’s move banned, Taya goes to use it and it costs her the match. So what’d happen if it wasn’t?

And to the criticism Valkyrie looked dumb doing the above, look at injured sportsmen. How frequently do they try to do too much on a sprained ankle or a broken finger because in the heat of battle they momentarily forget the injury?

If we’re pretending this is real – and we are – it’s perfectly reasonable that in a big title match Taya would reflexively go for the move that bags her big wins.

Unfortunately, both then disappeared for weeks until we were told on the 19/5 Rampage that Taya had been banned for attacking the refs. Just before she returned to smack Jade with the move in question and use the champ’s catchphrase against her.

Overall Score: 14

The question’s been asked before but if not Taya, who? If it was going to be Mercedes at Forbidden Door that ship’s sailed. The only other possibility being Kris Statlander who should be returning soon.

(Video) AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Predictions

I do believe it’s possible Valkyrie might win here. It’ll be interesting to see how they build around Road to Valhalla and how far those in attendance buy it as a possibility. But if I had to put money on it, I’d stick with the champ.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

FTR vs Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal (Mark Briscoe special ref, Tag Titles)

Star quality: 5 – My thoughts on the J’s are well-established. But this score reflects more on the status of both champs and division. The latter of which is at its lowest since AEW started. Further dragging down champions who aren’t exactly scorching hot.

FTR should be having badass matches at least twice a month.

Match quality: 6 – Lethal is solid in the ring, Jarrett moves incredibly well for his age. And FTR just don’t have bad matches.

What could drag this down is outside shenanigans – already rather galling among the heels – and that’s before the debut of Karen Jarrett who’ll presumably receive some level of focus here or why bring her in?

Since both singles resulted in the heels winning in obnoxiously screwy fashion – including a previously banned Sonjay Dutt running through the ring in full view of the same ref who banned him.

Build: 4 – There is a clear story here. If a little rushed. The heels are playing off Jay Lethal’s friendship with the deceased Jay Briscoe to manipulate his brother Mark. While FTR genuinely have Briscoe’s best interests at heart and are looking to prove said manipulation.

‘You cannot help them make you look stupid’ said Cash to Mark on Weds. And yet he has. The bad guys using Mark’s peace offering to blind and attack the champs right in front of him. Then shoving him into a Dax piledriver.

This isn’t a subtle story where we can see what Mark can’t and want him to see it too. Not to mention his own father warned him about them.

Overall Score: 15

This’ll obviously come down to where Mark Briscoe’s loyalties lie. The guy just absolutely cannot go heel this soon after such a tragedy. And these belts need stability, they need to be on a team thoroughly established as world class, they need to be on FTR.

Viewed through the prism of Forbidden Door (most everything here should be since it’s a sprint to the next show) it’s hard to envisage Jeff Jarrett working a New Japan tag. While FTR have already donned the colors.


Wardlow vs Christian (Ladder Match, TNT Title)

Star quality: 6 – ‘Whooo flatter than Wardlow?’ New haircut, same gimmick, same character.

Cage has a nice aura as a heel but reliance on cheap heat has only worsened in recent weeks.

Match quality: 6 – Wardlow remains unproven in longer matches since he never has any. Certainly, he is not the build for ladder matches. And nor should Christian be taking crazy bumps and flying all over the place – he’s more than paid his dues in that regard.

That said, the vet’s a master at laying out matches. I’m assuming he’ll figure a way to work around the ladder rather than through it.

Build: 3 – Standing and staring someone down from the ramp only works if it’s a match fans are already dying to see: Reigns/Zayn.

And why on earth is this a ladder match? Christian attacked Wardlow once with the weapon in question. There is just nowhere near the level of antipathy here to reach immediately for a gimmick match.

Although perhaps that’s the problem. There was so little meat that they threw a gimmick on the bone.

Overall Score: 15

Honestly, the victor is anyone’s guess. At this stage, after spending the best part of eighteen months defecating on the TNT title and its champions, nothing would surprise.

The big man should win, but…

WINNER: Wardlow

MJF vs Sammy Guevara vs Jack Perry vs Darby Allin (AEW Title)

Star quality: 7? – That question mark’s there for good reason. The three challengers’ stock fluctuates wildly week to week.

(Video) AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Predictions! | WrestleTalk Podcast

Max is one of the biggest stars in the company. Darby’s just a notch below ‘main-event’. But the other two are very firmly mid-card. Particularly given Perry’s recent destruction by Rush.

Admittedly, as a long-time fan the Four Pillars thing helps. They’ve talked about it for years, making the weaker two seem more credible than they actually are. If they’d thrown Sammy and Perry in against say… Mox and Kenny, it wouldn’t be the same.

Match quality: 8 – It shouldn’t need stating by now that Max is more than a mouthpiece. Sammy’s spectacular; Perry’s an excellent athlete. Darby might actually kill himself to make the match good.

A four-way was the best of some bad choices. We might not think there’s a sniff of Darby pinning MJF. But he might pin Sammy.

Build: 5 – Upon thinking how to describe this feud the hook to that Katy Perry song honestly started playing in my head – up/down, yes/no etc. So a ‘5’ seems fair.

It’s good that young, home-grown talent has been given a chance to go for gold. Would it have been better if Sammy and Perry were on hot streaks before it all started? Sure. But this seems like a short-term loss for long-term gain situation. Depending on how all are presented going forward.

Since Guevara in particular is so all over the place one might believe he’s drunk when cutting promos. One week a money-grubbing, sell-your-soul heel; the next a chase-your-dreams babyface.

And both Perry and Allin have been dislikable at times during this feud.

Then there are the insider references. Worst of all from Max. Threatening to leave with the belt while the company’s flat is such a bad look.

But easily the most damaging was the Rush/Perry segment last week. One main-event babyface demolished by a mid-card heel who rarely makes tv; another (Darby) beaten down by a man whose moniker is the Assistant.

Perhaps this’ll later be revealed as a pivot-point for a turn. But ahead of a match where no-one believes MJF is losing. It was at absolute best counterproductive.

On the subject, all three challengers have been tempted by the Devil. All three have shown heel tendencies. Essentially, since there isn’t much doubt about who is winning, the real question is how?.

Max and Sammy had great chemistry and were wildly entertaining together. Will he take the money? Jack Perry has a hot girlfriend who’s already a heel (and was brought up several times here). Will he finally tire of being too nice for his own good and join her on-screen? An increasingly cocky Darby Allin’s been a dick to Perry.

Overall Score: 20

On Wednesday they positioned Max as having the odds against him. So who’ll help him retain?

Most likely, Darby has the match won and is thwarted by whoever’s turning, leading to Max snatching the win.


Chris Jericho vs Adam Cole (Unsanctioned Match)

Star quality: 8 – Jericho’s presented as a top star. Cole comes and goes from that position but his trajectory has been upward since returning.

Match quality: 7 – Lately, Jericho’s worked to the level of opponents – solid enough against Starks; slow and plodding against Lee. Adam Cole’s a lot better than both. I’m typically not for these match types but it’s hard to see it being anything less than good (side note – really hope they’re going to bear Cole’s brutal concussion in mind here).

They’ve all but told us there’s going to be mass interference. Might drag it down.

Build: 6 – After having the ‘love of (Cole’s) life’ beaten down while he watches, Jericho called him a ‘coward, I want nothing to do with someone who’d allow that to happen’. Beautiful psychology: a cowardly heel hiding behind – & blaming the babyface for – his own despicable acts.

Cole’s uncontrollable response to this was just right. And the Ocho’s labelling of it as an ‘unprovoked attack’ was again superb. As was his being petrified to even be in the same building as Cole.

Until he wasn’t. Suddenly deciding on Rampage to tear up Cole’s ban: not only was he no longer afraid, he actually rushed to brawl with Cole.

Then there’s another issue.

Since attacking Britt, Cole’s got the better of Jericho physically and intellectually every single week. He beat him down backstage, outsmarted him and gave him the Boom to cost him the match vs Strong. Even Britt got to paintbrush the vet and call him ‘Bitch Jericho’. And is apparently physically fine – not a single mention of her injuries during recent tags.

Cole seems to have gained his revenge. And Jericho’s no longer running and hiding.

Putting a capper on everything was Cole’s strong promo work Wednesday, contrasted with the very strange reveal of Sabu as ‘Special Enforcer’.

Overall Score: 21

(Video) AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Predictions

Scrubbed from the 17/5 Dynamite was Britt Baker interrupting MJF and implying Adam Cole’s his next challenger. If it wasn’t already clear Cole was continuing his upward trajectory, that’ll seal it.

WINNER: Adam Cole

The Elite vs the Blackpool Combat Club (Anarchy in the Arena)

Star quality: 9 – Three of the six world champions in company history are in this match. As is last ppv’s top contender. The former tag champs. And the current ROH Champion.

Match quality: 9 – AitA is not my bag – action here; action there; action elsewhere – tough to follow the thread of the match. But last year’s version was tremendously well received. And this year’s possesses better workers.

Build: 6 – Great angles; bad story. Two examples to speak for the whole:

Bryan Danielson’s return was superb. The crowd were happy to see him and furious when he attacked Omega. Even more so as the BCC continued a gang attack. But it was never explained why the Dragon went from ‘be with my kids’ babyface to a lunatic heel raving about ‘amateurs’.

Ditto the Elite’s reunion last Wednesday. A moment years in the making. Yet in typical AEW fashion, they hadn’t mentioned the former world champion(!) the whole time he was off tv. No reminders, no sympathy, no concern about whether he’d ever wrestle again. Just – here he is, eyepatch and all, sucks if you missed that angle last month. Is he blind? Who knows?

And the only thing that’s actually come close to explaining the ‘why’ of the story is a throwaway line by Moxley that the BCC are the ‘only Elite in this business’. Which would’ve been as good a reason as any if they’d started with that.

Overall Score: 24

There’s been absolutely no explanation for Callis’ turn on Kenny. That might just be AEW being AEW. But let’s assume it’s not and that Callis plays a part in the finish. Or more specifically, Takeshita does.

He keeps losing. And has a manipulator in his ear. Given the Bucks cost the heels a chance at the ROH tag titles Wednesday, they’ve already had a little payback. And there’s absolutely no reason to conclude the feud here.

For a start, there’s Blood & Guts. For another, there are singles, tag and trios possibilities to help lagging tv ratings.

Forbidden Door gets in the way a bit.

Though you could keep this going and throw Okada (been teaming with Kenny, recently begun feuding with BCC in New Japan) or Ibushi on one side and Ospreay* on the other to keep that fire burning while holding off on the big singles rematch.

*Injury permitting


Overall Thoughts

If you’re going to this show, it’s because you’re an AEW die-hard. As of very recently, they’d sold around 7000 tickets for a show they easily sold out in 2019 before the company even really existed.

It takes place on the 28th May. On the 12/5 Rampage they pushed tickets for it. And could advertise precisely one match.

That’s not a pitch for casual fans who’d have to tune-in at the exact right time during the last two Dynamites to catch the card. Not to mention have the means and freedom to purchase everything necessary ten days or less beforehand.

They assume fans are coming.

Similarly, if you’re buying this show on ppv, it’s because you’re an AEW die-hard.

I know the backstory of the Elite because I’ve watched every week since 2020. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t know Page and Kenny used to tag, wouldn’t know Page beat Kenny for the title, wouldn’t know the Bucks couldn’t bring themselves to stop him despite being on opposite sides at the time. Wouldn’t know they’d been apart for two years.

They assume fans already do.

And as for being a fresh, young alternative – six of the ten matches feature a wrestler from the Attitude Era. Two of them in singles.

While it can be argued that every belt excepting the International is worse off since the last ppv.

‘I don’t mean to be mean’ as Eminem once rapped. But big improvements are needed amid the busiest big-show period in company history.

To not end on a completely miserable note (too late?) I’ll twist Thanksgiving on y’all and say what I’m looking forward to: AitA, AEW title match (& who helps Max win), whether Jade loses and the outside shot HOB have a different challenger since it is nominally an open challenge.


Enjoy the show!


Who won AEW Double or Nothing 2023? ›

Jay Lethal And Jeff Jarrett.

What are the results of AEW Double or Nothing? ›

AEW World Champion MJF successfully retained his title in a legitimate Match of the Year Candidate Sunday night in Las Vegas, defeating "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin in a match that solidified why those four men have been considered the pillars of the company.

What time is double or nothing 2023? ›

Monday 29 May 2023

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sun., May 28, 2023) with Double or Nothing. The show comes our way from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas at 8pm ET.

How long is double or nothing? ›

AEW Double or Nothing 2023 begins with the Buy-In show starting at 7:00 p.m. ET and the main show getting underway at 8 p.m. ET. The card is expected to last around four hours.

Who is the current AEW champion 2023? ›

The International Championship is held by first-time title holder Orange Cassidy, who defeated Pac on the October 22, 2022, episode of Dynamite; he won the title as the All-Atlantic Championship which was rebranded as the International Championship on March 15, 2023.

Does AEW have scripted matches? ›

Yes, a lot is scripted matches, promos, feuds, winner, moves are scripted. You can easily hear a wrestler saying out loud the spots(set of moves) that he is going to do if u are sitting in the front row of any arena.

What is the value of AEW? ›

A Stanford sports business professor has reportedly put a market value of $400 million on AEW. It was noted in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that editor Dave Meltzer had talked with a Stanford sports business professor, who has followed the AEW product.

Where can I watch AEW Double or Nothing 2023? ›

On May 28th, straight from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV - it's Double or Nothing 2023 live on FITE!

What is the presale code for Double or Nothing 2023? ›

AEW will hold an online pre-sale for the 2023 Double or Nothing PPV week in Las Vegas tomorrow Thursday 3/16 at 10 AM local time using pre-sale code ECA2FD. COMBINATION TICKET - 5/24 AEW Dynamite & Rampage and 5/28 Double or Nothing 2023 PPV at The T-Mobile Arena at this link.

How does Double or Nothing work? ›

Double or nothing (UK often double or quits) is a gamble to decide whether a loss or debt should be doubled. The result of a "double or nothing" bet is either the subject doubled to twice the amount as the original or the doubling of a debt.

How many people bought Double or Nothing? ›

Double or Nothing (2022)
Double or Nothing
Buy rate155,000
Pay-per-view chronology
← Previous Revolution Next → Forbidden Door
7 more rows

How much is Double or Nothing? ›

AEW Double or Nothing 2023 PPV price: How much does AEW event cost? B/R Live will be streaming the event for $49.99.

What does double and nothing mean? ›

idiom US (UK double or quits) Add to word list Add to word list. (in games where money is risked) an agreement that the player who owes money will owe twice as much if they lose, but will owe nothing if they win.

How much is the AEW championship belt worth? ›

A redacted police report lists the belt as being worth between $20,000 and $100,000.

Who makes AEW belts? ›

Belt maker Dave Millican speaks about his business relationship with All Elite Wrestling and how much it cost to make the world title. The original AEW World Title design is a five-figure championship. The original AEW World Championship was designed by longtime belt maker Dave Millican.

How many belts does WWE have? ›

There are currently 16 championships in WWE divided among the three brands. Raw has one primary and secondary championship for male wrestlers, and a singles championship for female wrestlers.

Does WWE allow AEW shirts? ›

"[The security guard] said 'you can't wear an AEW t-shirt, those have specifically been outlawed,'" said Graham. "He basically said I can't come in so I said 'I'd like to talk to the supervisor,' because it's not like it's offensive or anything.

Is the blood on AEW real or fake? ›

Obviously, the blood is real. The other method is to use fake blood, a blood packet or capsule smeared on any part of the body, which WWE often uses not to violate TV-PG ratings. They don't permit intentional bleeding.

Is AEW gaining viewers? ›

According to ShowBuzzDaily, AEW Dynamite on May 10 drew 877,000 viewers. This number is up from the May 3 episode, which drew 776,000 viewers. The May 3 episode was the lowest viewership number since June 2022.

Is AEW losing ratings? ›

Total viewership was significantly down from last week's 863K. This is the first time Dynamite's viewership has dropped below 800K since October 18 when Dynamite was bumped to a Tuesday. The last time Dynamite fell under 800K viewers on a Wednesday night was June 15, 2022.

What is the biggest PPV of AEW? ›

Double or Nothing 2023

Why is Vince McMahon selling WWE? ›

McMahon was asked why he was selling a company that had been a family business for 70 years, and he said it was just time to do so. “It's the right time. It's the right time to do the right thing, and it's the next evolution of WWE,” McMahon said.

Where can I buy double or nothing? ›

Stream all of the action during Double or Nothing by purchasing AEW's flagship event on PPV by purchasing the event in the US on Bleacher Report for $49.99. With a purchase of Double or Nothing, you can rewatch the event on-demand for 72 hours.

Does Ticketmaster sell all the tickets during presale? ›

A presale typically occurs online a few days or weeks before tickets go on sale to the general public. A percentage of all tickets for the event are made available during the presale.

What happens when you buy presale? ›

Presales are usually sold from a separate allocation of seats, which may not be the same as the tickets being released to the general public. This gives you the chance to book before the general release, which often means there are fewer people competing for the pool of tickets available.

What time do you get Ticketmaster presale code? ›

When should I expect my presale code? You'll receive your unique code from Ticketmaster between 12 and 24 hours before the presale. The email or SMS will include timing details, your unique code and a link to where you can purchase your tickets.

Is double or nothing a PPV? ›

AEW Double or Nothing is a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Where did double or nothing come from? ›

Background. Double or Nothing is considered All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) marquee event, having first been held in 2019, which was the promotion's first professional wrestling event and first pay-per-view (PPV) produced.

Can you double down on anything? ›

Some online casinos may allow you to, but most in-person casinos will not. You cannot double down after hitting. Hitting is to take another card. Doubling down is a move that is only allowed after the initial two cards have been dealt.

How fast did Double or Nothing sell out? ›

That show sold out in less than 30 minutes and was heralded as a major success, which helped usher in AEW. With Double or Nothing already sold out, AEW's decision-makers can focus on rounding out the roster and putting together a strong top-to-bottom card to ensure the company starts off with a bang.

What amount is a double? ›

Double Meaning

Double numbers or doubles simply represent twice the given amount or number.

What is the presale code for double or nothing? ›

The pre-sale code for AEW Double Or Nothing has been revealed. Ahead of All Elite Wrestling's annual Double Or Nothing Pay-Per-View, AEW fanscan purchase early tickets by using the code: ECA2FD. Double Or Nothing goes down live from Las Vegas.

What is double or nothing in duolingo? ›

double-or-nothing wager

Simply head over to the Duolingo shop and select the wager option. There's only one wager — a double-or-nothing for 50 gems. The goal is to maintain a 7-day streak. If you manage it, you'll get your 50-gem wager back, plus an additional 50 gems!

What is the slang term for nothing? ›

(slang): jack, nada, zip, zippo, zilch, squat, nix.

What does nothing mean in slang? ›

A slang meaning for nothing? Well, "nothing" means not anything, as in the following examples. Nothing I could say would cheer her up. I have nothing new to tell you.

What is the rule of nothing but in English? ›

You use nothing but in front of a noun, an infinitive without 'to', or an '-ing' form to mean 'only'. All that money brought nothing but sadness and misery and tragedy. It did nothing but make us ridiculous. They care for nothing but fighting.

Who did Jade Cargill lose to? ›

But when he said that Cargill would defend her title at any time in any place, a returning Kris Statlander made her way to the ring and won the title while also ending the champion's undefeated streak in one of the most surprising moments of the night.


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