How to Plan Catering for your Wedding

Are you planning a catering service for your wedding? By spending a little bit of time preparing and planning what foods to serve, what foods to avoid serving, and how to beautifully display the dishes will greatly improve your catering experience for the big day! Everyone knows that preparing for a wedding, big or small, is stressful and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why I’ve organized these wonderful catering tips to help the even to much more smoothly.

Should you provide guests your own food service or have a catering service do it for you? Many times, it is tempting to want to skip the caterers and just have your family and friends do the work. While this option can be done, the wedding day will run much smoother, be less stressful and more enjoyable if you decide to hire a professional to take over the cooking and serving (especially if you have more than fifty guests attending the event or if you are short on time.) Besides, you don’t want to have you, your family or friends miss the joy of a wedding by having them slave away with dirty dishes. Don’t you want to have this event something that everyone can look back upon happily?

If you do decide to have the help of a professional Baltimore wedding caterers company, make sure you estimate your budget and amount of guests so they know how much work you will need done. If you like, you can narrow your food and decoration options before hand to make it easier. Always make sure that you ask for references, if they have catered before, and call the references provided to make sure that past customers were satisfied with the outcome. Also, make sure you ask early on about signing a contract. The last thing you want to have happen on your wedding day is to be cheated out of your money!

How do you choose a menu? First, consider the wedding catering services that your caterers provide. Choose according to unique dietary requirements or let your caterer know about your food restrictions early on. Most caterers will be able to accommodate those needs. Decide how many meals or snacks you want to have served. If you wish to have individual courses served, narrow down your options for the main dish.phil

If you wish, you can schedule a test tasting day! Pick a caterer who will allow you to taste a sample of the foods served to make sure you know what you’re getting into. This way there will not be any shocking foods that are disagreeable. This will also help you narrow down your food choices for the menu.

It is wise to check with your caterer about providing additional services besides catering. These additional services may include providing china, silver wear, flowers, platters, napkins, linins and other services to beautifully display the food. Not only that, but some provide tables and chairs for you and your guests. Whatever catering services you choose, hopefully you will be satisfied and can happily remember your wedding day!