Your Home is in Need of A Better Basement!

hp-home-remodeling-additionI am sorry to have to tell you this, but your home is not where it should be. You have let it fall by the wayside in the midst of your highly busy schedule. Things are falling into disrepair before your eyes, and every time you turn around there is another thing that needs fixing or is fallen into disrepair. Worst of all is the area below the main level… yeah, you know what I’m talking about, the basement! That place you go when it’s hot outside and your house doesn’t have air conditioning. The place you go when you are desperately out of toilet paper and need to get some more. It is where the naughty cat hides out and you call and call but can’t find him, and lo and behold he is underneath the guest bed. You may even sleep there if it is not a guest bed. But alas, for your basement is filled with the pitter patter of mice feet running around in the walls. There are cobwebs in every corner and chunks out of the floorboards. Perhaps there is a foul smell seeping up from there when it gets humid. It makes you look like you are in a haunted house at night it is so creepy. What can you do? You cannot sell your home or hope to have any value out of your basement while it is in such a state. You need…

DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUH!!! (Trumpet of victory blast)

 Dave’s fantastic company to the rescue! He can turn the ugly duckling of a basement into a beautiful swan with his Littleton remodeling business. In fact the whole town is going to have gleaming, value-adding, guest-inviting-rather-than-frightening basements to show the world with glee! There is nothing he can’t do, whether it is the kitchen, the plumbing fixtures, the furnishings, the flooring. You name it and he will help you out and give you a living space you can be proud of rather than try to keep the door locked on.

But seriously, ask yourself this question: Would you want some significant person such as the queen of England to come to your basement, or would she chop off your head for the vile waste you have let it become?

That is why you need to get your act together and your budget and get going with the loose ends! I know this is kind of a pep talk, but we all need one now and then. Stop letting things rot away and get moving! Don’t be a procrastinator and let your beloved home turn into a bachelor’s apartment.

End of pep talk.

Important Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Basement

One of the most frequently-used spaces under a house is the basement! For most homeowners, the basement is just an extra part of the house used as storage for extra stuff.  Many people are now waking up to the idea of ​​renovating the basement that can give you much needed extension of living space you’ve always wanted.

Complete Littleton Basement Remodeling must be done in a systematic and logical way. Remodeling your basement into a usable extra room is a great way to do this but there are some things you will need to keep in mind if you are to do so successfully. In this article, I offer some interesting ideas for the renovation plans of the basement and also to highlight the main issues that you must deal with in your design projects.

Before you decide to finish will give your basement, you’ll want to consider what it is that you want to use. Will it be a bar and games room to entertain guests? Will a system of home entertainment with a TV and stereo? Will it be a child’s room, play areas? If it is large enough, you may want to divide the basement and use it for various purposes. Finished basement can also be used for an office, or preserve the area for a personal library. If desired, you can add another bedroom to the house-the basement can be a great place for a guest room and bathroom. You can even use the area as a center for personal exercise, weight training and aerobic exercise machines.


When considering finishing your basement, here are some things to think about:

  • Plan exits and escape routes

Building codes require the existence of safe and accessible routes emergency exit, especially if the basement to be renewed will have a room to sleep. A common requirement, according to this website, is a window opening that is large enough to go for it and that offers easy access route to floor level. A common solution when remodeling the basement is making a cut in the foundation and build a well to escape window.