3 Kinds of Trucking Jobs in North Carolina


This job asks the driver to work in a rigid environment, to maneuver the truck through rough terrains. Usually, the driver is prone to many diseases in this job and the working hours might be quite strict. It involves dealing with the management and transportation of the mining waste to the dumping grounds and supplies of the materials required in the mining. This regular job demands skill & efficiency and is often rewarded with the fine pay. Since every mining site requires a bunch of truck drivers, the chances of getting recruited to this job are more.



This is the most lucrative, risky, courageous and highest paid of North Carolina trucking jobs. It has all the reasons for it. First of which is, the driver has to traverse miles of frozen land with a heavy truck on the back. Second, it is a box full of death taking risks, one wrong move and you won’t be same again. Another challenge to this job is that it requires the most efficient mangement and the best technological equipments for navigation and fuel efficiency purposes. Usually, the consignments are lengthy, hence, the driver is asked to be very persistent. It involves driving on the most dangerous tracks of all like on the edge of the cliff, frozen lakes and in the snowfall.

This job is usually performed in team and is considered to be the most competitive as the bids are placed to get the consignment in favour of oneself. Hence, this job is a tailor made for those adventure seekers who are open to the risk of death. Prominet places to find this kind of job is the Alaska region of North America, Canada, north-west Europe and other places having mountainous terrains.

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While there are so many driving options, but if you are looking to do something beyond the line, you can consider the option of being a recruiter. And if you are confident enough and pursue the required skills, you can opt for a career in instructing and training fellow drivers which would be a stable and a finely paid career.

And the last one, if you have the knowledge and capital required to invest, you can establish a whole new agency or become a contractor. But, remember that it involves maximum risk and requires intelligent management and hardwork.


After discussing the job opportunities, let me tell you that there are few other factors that you have to consider.

  • Getting a driving license.
  • Most countries have norm, according to which applicant has to undergo an examination and training process.
  • Understanding of the driving & traffic laws of the nation concerned.
  • Knowledge of routes.
  • Knowledge of the fares and the taxes.
  • Last, but not the least, Self confidence.


Inspite of being such a vast and stimulating sector, employees are facing the problem of insufficient and delayed pays and have to face a great amount of competition. Nonetheless, its a good space to build a career in if you are at all interested in being a truck driver.